How to Launch a Career in the Green Energy Industry

There is no doubt about it. The global green movement is growing in leaps and bounds and we can expect the trend to carry on over the next many years. The interest in green energy is massive, with governments around the world injecting more and more funds into various programs and initiatives. Having bubbled under the surface for a few years, the green industry has finally come full circle, making it a great place for anyone looking to launch a business or career.

There are huge tax incentives up for grabs for the adventurous green entrepreneur and here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure success in you chosen path within the green energy industry:

Finding your niche

The green energy industry has very many little sectors. It is increasing in diversity as more methods come up to conserve energy in various areas of life, and so anyone who wants to get involved must do the research adequately. Do not just jump in both feet first without having a definite scheme of operation; it is one sure way to fail.

Find out information through informative sites and forums. Of course you need to have a bit of training on electricity in order to enter the renewable energy sector. It should be practical and working training, not just book knowledge.

The industry also calls for huge capital investment, and so you want to be sure of what you are doing rather than speculatively jumping in. The renewable energy sector requires patience, time and money.

Small businesses can start at the periphery to maintain profitability before launching into bigger projects. Wherever you choose, you have to give the market something it needs, and something that works.

Interestingly, one of the largest ‘Small Energy Companies’, Utility Warehouse, uses Independent Distributors who receive commission to sign up new customers through a referral based marketing system. This Utility Warehouse Review in the Telegraph refers to this company as one of the Big Seven and the Daily Mail reports complaints to among the lowest in the industry so this may be worth investigating.

Following the incentives

Many governments are offering attractive incentives for business owners who wish to launch into the renewable energy sector to lure more entrepreneurs into the field. As a newbie in the industry, you should thoroughly research your options and capitalize on the savings to realize greater profitability.

Seek for professional help where you are stuck, but do not be lured into doing more than you believe yourself to be ready for. It is better to start small and grow steadily, than to attempt a hand at everything only to have all of them flop in mid-air for lack of solid foundation.

Use the tax breaks and other incentives as additional boosters, rather than your full foundation. Just like any other business, at the end of the day, you should have been able to identify a problem or gap, and provided a fitting solution for it.

Get your certification                                       

Differentiate your business from the rest by getting your eco-friendly certification. This will give you an edge over non-certified companies with consumers and trading partners who are after eco-friendliness in their suppliers and business partners.

In addition, government agencies are required to factor in energy efficiency of operations when tendering contracts, meaning that certified companies may receive preference over non-certified companies. There is a huge pool open for a green certified business; you need only know how to look.

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