How to Lure An Employee From A Competitor

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Recruiting a new employee from a competitor can result in finding a person who is skilled, works in the industry and might even bring clients with them. As great as recruiting from a rival might seem, caution is needed along with a certain amount of tact, especially if you operate a small business. Here is what you need to consider when tempted to recruit the newest member of your company from a rival firm.

Evaluate wisely

One very important thing to consider is if the candidate will be right for you. They should be worth the effort you are putting in to recruit them. Carefully review their skills and references before you offer them a position. By doing so, you can avoid having to deal with a disciplinary problem later on.

Don't be too bold

We advise that you use industry networking to let everyone know you are recruiting for this position. Afterwards, find a neutral area such as a conference or industry workshop to approach your candidate. Try not to be aggressive or you will scare away any future suppliers or partners.

Pitch them hard

Keep in mind that you will need to sell the person on why they should join your company. It will be important to make the job offer seem better that where they are currently working. It will not be enough to offer them more money. Many people will feel motivated to leave their position if they can receive other things such as status, promotion and innovation.

Avoid Legal Troubles

If you discover that the person working at a rival company is really good, then you should approach them about working for you. However, you will need to discover if they have a contract that is consider "non-compete". This will prevent them from being recruited by other companies and you might even face a lawsuit.

Be aware

Finally, it is important to remember that rival companies are doing the same thing you are doing. So check for areas of your company that might have gaps and treat your staff very well.

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