Whether you have a small team of 10 or a large team of 100+ it’s important that your team stay motivated in order to produce the best work, and it’s great if you (the boss) can be the one to motivate them!  So, you can use this handy guide to gain a few more ideas of how to motivate a team to do the best they can do.


Make it a nice place to work

By treating your employees with respect and as actual human beings (not statistics) you can really motivate a team, resulting in them putting more effort into their work.  Even just providing a clean office or giving them breakfast a few times a month can stimulate a team and make them happier to be at work – it doesn’t have to cost a lot to keep your staff happy.


Let them know they’re valued

As well as this, making sure that a team know they are valued is a big part of keeping them motivated.  Whether this is through paying them what they deserve to be paid, or offering them development opportunities, checking that your staff are happy in their position is a good way of motivating them and increasing your staff retention rate.


Goals are important

Setting clear goals for your team to achieve is crucial in the workplace, and making sure that your team are aware of the goals they are working towards is just as vital.  Giving team members KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to work towards not only gives them something to work towards, but gives you a way of seeing their progression within their position.  When setting goals SMART is a clever acronym which can help:

Celebrate their achievements

When someone hits one of their targets make sure that it is celebrated, whether this is something small like a round of applause or something bigger like commission or a bonus, make sure that they know it has been noticed!  If a team member feels like their efforts have gone unnoticed it can really demotivate them when it comes to having to hit their next target, so by taking a tiny amount of time out of your day to say well done can have a great effect and motivate your team.


Communication is key

If someone in your team is unhappy this can spread to other members of your team – causing more and more people to become demotivated.  Therefore, by having a word with any team members who seem unhappy and trying to work together to fix whatever problems they may be facing, you can not only stop this discontent from spreading, but you can also try to motivate them again.

If the problem turns out to be that perhaps they are unhappy in their role and are aspiring to other things, giving them the opportunity to move in the right direction by providing them different tasks or opportunities can keep them motivated!


Hopefully by now you’ve got a better idea of how to motivate your team, for more handy blog posts, you can check out my blog here: http://blog.crunchposter.co.uk/

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