How to Network like a Real Person: Networking Tips That Actually Work!

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Are you tired of applying to jobs that just disappear into a black hole? Wasting your time scrolling through resume after resumes. There is a better way? A way to get noticed by recruiters and land your dream job. A way to find that perfect candidate.

It’s all about smart networking. Forget the fancy suits and expensive conferences – we’re going to ditch the pressure and focus on building real connections. In this article, we’ll show you how to network like a real person: Make Friends Not Contacts

Network Like a kid

Ever notice how kids make friends easily and how excited they are to make new friends? They walk up to other kids and make new best friends in minutes.  Somewhere when we grow up we lose this ability. This freedom and excitement,

Find your inner child and next time you are in a room of new people make the rounds, find common ground and be excited to meet new people. When you see them again be excited to see them again. Everyone loves being recognized and having people excited to see them.

How to Network Locally:

Kids Events

Speaking of kids. Instead of just sitting next to parents at your kids next school play, recital or sporting event during down time get to know the other parents. They are an amazing local resource. Invite them and their kids over for a bbq or playdates. Offer to carpool. Instant networking!


Don’t have kids? No problem.  Get out there in the real world! Volunteering is a fantastic way to connect with people in your community and make a positive impact at the same time. By donating your time and talents to a local cause you care about, you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share your passions.  It is amazing when you are participating with others in activities how fast you get to know one another and how fast you create a bond.

How to Network professionally:


Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. We all have unique skills and experiences. Target people who get that? Find recruiters who specialize in your field, the ones who geek out over your industry jargon. These aren’t generic recruiters; they’re industry insiders with deeper networks, a nuanced understanding of your value proposition, and a genuine passion for championing your needs.

Get out there

LinkedIn is great, but it’s not everything.  Step outside the virtual world and into the real one. Attend industry events, conferences, and meetups. Get active in online communities. Join local groups or associations. These aren’t just networking events; they’re chances to meet cool people, share your knowledge, and leave a lasting impression that goes beyond a resume, business card or digital profile. Remember, you must provide value first and it must be sincere.  No one likes a person who is only out to get something from them.

Be passionate About What You Do

Don’t just wait for someone to offer you a job or post a job and hope for the best . Become a mini-expert in your field! Share your insights on social media, write a blog, post videos – anything that shows you are an industry expert. Recruiters love that kind of shit and potential employees want to work for people who are experts in their field.

Stay Connected: the Boomerang Effect

Landing a job or gaining a great employee isn’t the finish line. Stay connected with your recruiter and the people you meet! Recommend awesome people and potential new clients, offer industry insights – be a valuable resource. This builds trust and keeps you top-of-mind for the best opportunities and talent in the future.


© 2024 Neeljym Search Group® All Rights Reserved

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