How to quickly build resume database from the Internet?

A resume database is one of the most primary and powerful tools that recruiters or hiring managers should always have in their kitty. It is a consolidated list of qualified candidates or some times prescreened candidates that recruiters and hiring managers can quickly reach out during various recruiting assignments.
There are some steps involved in building a resume database. The first step is to identify the targeted audience and search resumes. Typically recruiters search for resumes from various sources like job boards, search engines, professional networking sites, social networking sites, forums, personal websites, blogs, user groups, resume portals, etc.
A simple resume search, for example in Google, will fetch you resumes along with a lot of other unwanted data. You have to manually filter the resumes from the search results. Expert recruiters use Boolean search scripts to eliminate the unwanted data and narrow down the search results to appropriate resumes. So you need to learn the complexities of Boolean search scripts if you want to manually search resumes from the Internet.
After searching the resumes, the next step is to extract resumes from the search results. You need to manually visit every resume source and extract resumes. Once you have extracted the resumes, you need to screen resumes based on various parameters like education, experience, skills, location, job profile, age, etc. Screening is a very crucial process to which recruiters or hiring managers need to pay utmost attention. So you need to wade through huge stacks of resumes to screen resumes.
After resume screening, the next step is to perform candidate background check which the employers are very keen about before offering employment. You need to perform candidate search in various social media sites to find out the candidate's cultural background, behavior, ethnicity and other parameters that employers believe is very critical to know before employing a candidate. Once the candidates get through the candidate background verification, they are considered as qualified candidates and the candidate contact details along with their resumes are transferred to the database.
So to build a resume database of qualified candidates, you need to search resumes, extract resumes, screen resumes and perform candidate background check and then select the appropriate candidates. In all the above-mentioned steps, you can observe one thing in common. You are performing all those steps manually, which means you need to be a Boolean search expert to search resumes and in spite of that it takes a lot of your productive hours and prevents you from doing other core recruiting activities.
This is where a resume import tool can help you to quickly build resume database from the Internet and save a lot of your precious time. You need not be an expert in Boolean search scripts or an expert Internet searchologist to search resumes. You need to just enter the resume keyword and click the button. The resumes are displayed in a few seconds. Also you can automate resume extraction from various sources like job boards, social networking sites, emails, PC folders, resume portals, etc. and automate resume screening. You can eliminate the pain of manually screening each and every resume. The resume import tool enables you to screen thousands of resumes in a few minutes.

With resume import tool, the candidate background check is done in a flash. Just select the candidate and click the button. The selected candidate's online imprints - social media profiles, public profiles, etc are displayed instantaneously. Thus the resume import tool helps you to automate all the above-mentioned processes and helps you quickly build resume database from the Internet.
ResumeGrabber Suite is one such resume import tool that helps you source resumes, automate resume extraction, automate resume screening and perform candidate background check.  

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