How to Recruit the Dream Team in Your Workplace

When it comes down to it, a business is nothing more than just a group of people working to achieve the same set of goals. Thus, it makes sense to build your business with the right talent. The people you employ will play a critical role in how fast your organization grows and how effortless it will be to scale to such magnitude. Here's six tips to finding and assembling the right team:


Identify Your Company's Vision and Mission statement

A company's mission statement isn't just a display header on your website for clients and investors to read. It should serve as a guideline for making everyday decisions. When it comes to choosing employees, who you pick should exemplify your company's vision and mission statement.


Streamline the Hiring Process

For starters, post the right job description. If you're not clear or careful with what you write, your job posting can deter good talent and attract the wrong people. Many organizations write descriptions using the Demands-Abilities model, which concentrate on what the organization expects from their prospects. However, studies show that a Needs-Supplies model yields better responses. With this model, you focus on what the organization can do for their recruits.


Determine If They Fit the Company's Culture

Company culture should supersede any other factor when it comes to hiring employees. Technical proficiency and skills are vital, yet if a person doesn't culturally fit the team, it may cause disruption and tension in the workplace. On the other hand, a candidate who has basic knowledge and skills to do the job and has the personality to blend in with your workforce can make a great addition to your company.


Look Through Social Media

Social media is no longer just an entertainment hub for your daily fix of vanity posts and humorous memes. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming popular channels for sharing job-related queries. You can find a lot of people advertising their skill set and professional brand through creative video posts and marketing campaigns. LinkedIn is another great resource to search and interact with candidates. The platform also lets you view candidate's previous work history so you can gauge how much experience they have and how long they stay with a company before jumping ship.


Ask Specifics

Weed out the inexperienced and incompetent candidates early by asking specific questions about industry standards and technologies. For example, if you're hiring someone to handle the backend or server-side of your application, ask about their familiarity with using certain technologies, such as Apache Kafka. Keep candidates who can answer questions in detail and can provide clear and concise examples. In addition, throw abstract curveball questions to gauge their critical thinking.


Involve Your Existing Team in the Hiring Process

This doesn't mean you should pull everyone from their desks to interview every candidate that walks through the doors. Only involve the senior-level staff including department heads in the decision-making process when hiring new recruits. Your new recruits will work closely with senior team members so it's important that they like the people you let in. Moreover, since they work more closely with the technologies that power your product, marketing strategies, payroll system, etc, it makes sense for them to have some say in the hiring process.


Final Thoughts

Finding the best lineup for your company doesn't always mean hiring the one with the highest educational degree or the one with the most experience. Instead, it's about finding the right balance between skill set and personality. Lastly, keep in mind that hiring is a two-way process. As much as candidates should be able to wow you with their resume and interview/s, you should also be able to convey yourself as a good company to work for.


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Comment by Lena Moss on November 6, 2017 at 10:47pm

This will surely make your dream team happen. Thanks for sharing!


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