Scouting for talented individuals has never been simple and so for recruiters to advertise job specs to get the word out for a vacancy to be filled is just as difficult without cost effective methods. While most recruiters prefer traditional methods of recruiting as against modern ones, the efficient and cost effective method of recruiting that is now making the charts is Social Media and Mobile Recruiting.

If you’re a modern recruiter then SnapChat is the tool for you. It is a perfect example of a non – traditional platform that is not only handy for recruiters but also for job seekers alike. It’s a great platform to showcase ones creativity in communication skills that a resume alone will not be able to portray. If you’re not familiar with this app then you are definitely wondering the same questions that most of us are. So…

What is SnapChat really and how can it be used as a recruitment tool?

If you are new to the concept of SnapChat it is a text- photo app through which you can send images with text for a prescribed amount of time i.e. 1 to 10min after which it will be hidden. Therefore you have a limited amount of time in which to make an impression and to get your audience to respond as well. So if you look at it you need to be skilled at creating images that attract people’s attention to your image or job spec. So here’s some pointers that you might find quite helpful all the same –  

Know the Target Audience

If you’re recruiting needs comprises of senior level recruits with considerable experience then SnapChat wouldn’t be very effective in catching such individuals. But if your targeting the young crowd then SnapChat is the ideal tool to convey your message across. This incredible tool can also be used to target creative individuals as it requires one to be creative if one wishes to attract the right crowd.

Learn About the Platform

If you’re using the platform it’s a wise approach to have the knowledge about the platform that you use. This will not only help you in your business or in your recruiting task as the information you have can be used to your advantage if you have all the necessary but important information. This is probably the mistake that most users make and don’t realise why their efforts aren’t yielding any results. So make sure you have the right information so that you can benefit from it.

Therefore, now that you have some idea about this interesting, yet handy app you might as well make use of it; if you haven’t already, so that you can reap its benefits and get responses to your posts or messages through this handy tool before anyone else gets their hand on it. to end on a positive note remember this quote the next time you need to get the word out about a vacancies that spring up on a regular bases, “Time spent on hiring is time well spent.” Robert Half

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