How to Use Email Marketing for eCommerce Success

There are many ways for you to market your eCommerce business. Social media is a surefire method to get your messages to the right individuals. The creation of a mobile app also increases your visibility.

Nevertheless, email marketing still brings in the most customers. It gives you a forum to tell stories, promote new products, and generally keep current and potential clients updated about the business. Thus, it should be used as a primary tool to market your business.

For more information, here are some tips on how to use email marketing for eCommerce success.

Automate Your Deliveries And Follow-Ups

There was a time when business owners manually delivered emails to those that joined their lists. Today, this method of delivery has been simplified through automated processes. You sent up a standard template to be sent when a new email is registered. The system populates it with the client's name and sends it out.

The big advantage of automation is the ability to create what is known as a drip campaign. Companies like Help Monks help generate a series of automated emails for specific actions. For instance, one campaign goes out to recent registrants. Another one is delivered to those who purchase one of your products. Through this, you maintain regular communication across all levels of a sale.

Educate Your Customers

There are a set of questions repeatedly asked by people concerning your eCommerce outlet's products and services. Regardless of how many times you answer them or place them on your website's FAQ page, they always seem to pop up. When you utilize email marketing you have a platform to educate your customers.

It doesn't have to be a simple answer. You have a template to go through a question in detail, although not to the point it confuses readers. The information must be fairly simple in its delivery. Nevertheless, the more information you provide the less chance of the questions reoccurring.

Tell A Story

As portrayed in Seinfeld, the J. Peterman catalog tells elaborate backstories for its products. The same is done with your emails. Similar to educating your customers, storytelling is a great way to encourage readers to become clients.

This isn't a Here's Why I Want You To Buy My Product tale. Rather, it's information on why the item or service was created in the first place. It describes what took place in your life that resulted in its creation. When this story is done in several installments it increases the curiosity of the reader for the next email.

Improve Your Brand

The brand of your eCommerce organization represents what you're about. It's more than your offerings. It's what the company stands for and what you hope to accomplish. To put it another way, a company's brand helps you lean toward Coke than Pepsi as your favorite soft drink.

This concept is more important than ever in the eCommerce world. Your potential customers don't understand what you represent unless it's visible on your website and other digital material. Hence, the reason why email marketing helps you define the impetus behind your brand.

Promote Upsells and Cross-Sells

Once a customer is established, it's easier to offer them similar or higher-end products to complement what they purchased. Some of this is done at the time of the sale. However, the concepts of upselling and cross-selling work much better through email marketing.

Take as an example a print-on-demand business. When a customer purchases a t-shirt you send them an automated email asking them to look at the higher-end hooded sweatshirts to add to their wardrobe. A cross-selling promotion would be an email recommending the customer look at the other t-shirts you offer.

The above tips on how to use email marketing for eCommerce success only work if you follow one golden rule: send relevant content. Put yourself in their shoes and see if you would read an email you prepared. If it's filled with Buy My Widget exclamations, then it's best to revise the content.

The information in your email marketing campaigns must be interesting. Even if they don't read it immediately, the fact they keep it in their queue for a later review is a good sign. Keep working at it to achieve a good balance of data and promotion.

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