How to Utilize Google+ As a Recruitment Tool

Social media continues to explode on the internet with a growth rate set to reach almost two billion users in 2015 on various platforms across the globe. Although number one Facebook captivates almost half of this audience, other networks like Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are quickly closing the gap.

It’s no doubt that social media has changed both our business and personal lives, and now companies are finding even more effective ways to utilize social sites. Since these platforms are “people based”, one obvious tool available to businesses is recruitment.

Arguably the top five, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus, all offer different features and functionality, which causes their rankings to fluctuate. While Google+ is often referred to as the relative newcomer on the scene, the internet Goliath has instituted more effective tools on their social site, especially for use in recruiting.

Antiquated and Out of Date:

One of the many challenges recruiters face is that their methods and strategies are outdated. This is one of the best reasons to utilize Google+ in your recruitment efforts as many of their features are the newest available on the marketplace.

Even today’s celebrities are embracing the new social site offered by Google, Ashley Tisdale, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, Hugh Jackman and even Google CEO Larry Page, all have followers near the two million mark on this rookie platform. If they have found their way to Google+ then perhaps your next hire could be waiting there as well.

Location, Location, Location:

Another hurdle that recruiters have is finding the valuable talent that they need for their organization and the particular position that is available. While Google recently released a “find people” function, it doesn’t allow you to find people based on their location.

Plus does allow you to search for “coworkers” at specific companies and once those personnel are found, their specific location can be determined. Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, you don’t have to be connected to them, or in the case of Google+ even have them in your circle, in order to view their profiles.  

Still not convinced? Here are the Top Ten Reasons for Using Google+ for Recruitment that transcend the competition:

  1. Integrate with other Google Services: If you are already using Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and some of their other applications, this integration should be much smoother.

  1. Circle Management: Google+ circles are an easier, more effective way to manage people and these types of relationships.

  1. Better Mobile Connectivity: The Google+ Mobile App not only has better connectivity, it loads faster and is more compatible with android devices.

  1. More Control: The Data Liberation feature allows you to pack up all your valuable information and take it with you anywhere you go.

  1. Chat and Share: Hangouts allow not only an arena for chatting, there is the added availability for the sharing of documents.

  1. Browser Power: Not even Facebook has their own web browser, not to mention the most popular on the internet.

  1. Better Notifications: Google+ allows you to interact with their notifications even when you aren’t even on their page.

  1. Lose the Requests: Responding and dealing with dozens or even hundreds of friend requests is time-consuming and sometimes annoying.

  1. More Effective Advertising: Similar to Google’s AdWords, they are better targeted and reach a more specific, relevant audience.

  1. Better Business: Joining forces with the search engine giant will give you greater visibility and increase your ranking.

Growth and Expectations:

Solar entrepreneur and San Francisco native, Dave Llorens gave this eye-opening statement, “I’m willing to stake my reputation on the following statement: If Google Plus doesn’t have a staggering number of active users by the end of 2013, you can all come over to my office and pie me in the face.”

There are dozens of articles to support the growth, effective use and share-worthiness of Google+ and using it as a recruitment strategy should pay off for your business and ease the stress on your HR department.


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Comment by Tim Spagnola on October 2, 2014 at 11:12am

I so love the functionality around G+. It is so clean and intuitive. Sad part is that it often is my least visited social channel. Thanks for the post mega. Perhaps it will inspire me to dig deeper. 

Comment by Megan Ritter on October 2, 2014 at 11:27am

Thanks for your comment, Tim! I completely agree with you. I love the usability of Google+. What do you mainly use this platform for now?

Comment by Tim Spagnola on October 2, 2014 at 1:16pm
Not necessarily for sourcing, but socially I'm a Twitter snob.
Comment by Andrew Nikituk on April 5, 2017 at 7:38am

Thanks for the article. It's so useful. But for my point of view, better to use recruitment tool which can combine different social network, like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and etc. This is more effective for recruiters. 


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