How Video Streaming Can Change the Face of Employee Training

Training and development are imperative aspects in organizational performance. This is because the environment in which most businesses function presently is constantly changing and is full of challenges. Most organizations have proved that training and development are crucial for an organization to meet the increasing customer demand, and face the competition and openings that are beyond their reach. stated that training of employees at a personal level depending on their position and skills is seen as a means for gauging the general performance of an organization. However, as companies continue to expand into new regions in order to penetrate new markets, they immediately encounter a problem when it comes to training their employees.

Due to geographical limitations, trainers cannot reach all the different branches of the company at the same time. This leads to instances where one branch can suffer from inadequately trained personnel resulting in substantial financial losses for the business. Due to such a problem, one solution that can be utilized is to use video streaming services from companies like Blue Jeans in order to create joint training sessions online.

What is Training and Development?

Training refers to a temporary process of sharpening the skills and knowledge of staff to enable them carry out the responsibilities assigned to them. Once a worker is selected, positioned and introduced in a business association, he should be offered with training services to enable him carry out his responsibilities with competence. explained that development refers to a permanent learning process employing a planned and logical procedure through which administrative staffs learn theoretical and conceptual knowledge for universal purpose. It also refers to learning openings tailored to assist the workforce to grow.

Advantages of Video Streaming Based Training

Since a lot of companies are currently engaging in foreign trade, a specialized training approach for employees is vital to advance the staff abilities, particularly in the field of information technology and marketing. Training and development provides tremendous organizational changes in relation to steady and uncertainty of environmental changes. argues that growth and training programs improves the efficiency and performance of any organization currently in existence.

Organizations gain competitive benefit from development and training utilizing video streaming since this allows for a very flexible training schedule and enables trainers to more easily reach employees that need training the most. This method of online training helps in eliminating performance deficiencies, staff retention issues; reduces accidents (since staff know what to do now) and helps organizations meet future staff needs. This type of process helps to increase an organization's flexibility, stability, and potential for development due to employees being well trained and knowing how to do their jobs well.

How Does Proper Training Improve a Company?

The main objective of training is to assist the organization to realize its goals through adding value to its employees. Training is concerned with investing in human resources to facilitate them to improve their performance and empower them to maximally utilize their talents.

The specific aims of training include: to expand the abilities of the workforce and enhance their performance; assist individuals to develop within the company so that the prospect human resource wants can be met inside the organization; and to reduce the duration of time needed for staff commencing on fresh jobs on promotion, appointment, or transfers, and guarantee that they are totally proficient as fast and cost-effectively as feasible.

These factors result in a pool of employees that are all well suited for their respective positions resulting in high operational efficiency which enables a company to be successful when it comes to providing for the needs of its chosen market. All of the factors that were mentioned are highly dependent on the trainers within a company.

That is why using digital based methods of training simply makes sense from a company development perspective. There are only so many trainers that are available within a given company and that is why streaming a training sessions enables them to train a lot of people within a short amount of time and thus shortens the time frame needed for a company to get the most out of its employees.


Training is a crucial factor in the world of business due to the fact that it raises the effectiveness and the efficiency of both workers and the organization. The performance of a business relies on staff performance due to the fact that human capital of a business plays a crucial role in the expansion and performance of a company.

To enhance the performance of the staff and the organization, training is provided to the organizational work force. Thus, one of the performance objectives of any company is to ensure that employees can get their training when they need it. This is where streaming services come into play as a valuable tool in a company's business arsenal.

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