How We Built a High-Performance Remote Software Development Team

Actually, we're still building it. But there're key factors that we noticed which don't change during the whole process. While most people normally consider hiring a team to help them in this undertaking, however, I believe, this option can be tricky. You might not get those people with the right skills in this area or might not fit your company’s culture.

They might not even manage to coexist with the other employees in your company or organization. This is the reason why you should build a high-performance team that can help you in software development. You should consider the following ideas. These include:

1. Consider those people who are senior in software development.

You will note that you will need guidance in software development. This is the reason why you should get those people who are senior in this area. They can share some of the essential tips that can help them become better software developers. Most of these seniors are more experienced in this area. This is the reason why you should invest in them.

2. Do not ignore the personality of the individuals.

It is important that you check the personality of the individuals who are going to help you with software development. In most cases, most people normally concentrate more on the skills and neglect the personality of the individuals who are involved. Your team of choice should be team players. This can help you achieve your set objective.

3. Remember to hire both men and women.

Some people might be tempted to hire one gender only. This can be detrimental. In the modern world, a mixed team normally delivers more. You should hire both men and women. They will be able to share their skills and thereby enable you to achieve your goals.

4. Ensure that your team can code well.

It is important that you ensure that your team can code properly. This can be more helpful if you want to change your product in the future. They will be more resourceful in this undertaking.

5. Trust their expertise.

You should not have doubts in what your team is doing. If you want them to code and do other activities, you should trust that they will be able to achieve this objective seamlessly. You should show them that you believe in them.

6. Do not allow personal convictions to guide you.

You might have an argument when you are developing a certain software. You should allow technical knowledge to dominate. Remember that what you might be thinking might be wrong. You should always trust those people who have more technical knowledge in software development.

7. Provide the necessary resources to your team.

You will note that your team will require resources in order to operate optimally. You should ensure that your team has all the resources that it needs in order to work more efficiently. If they ask for a certain tool, you should be able to provide it so that they can work faster.

8. Let them have a reasonable working schedule.

You should not stress your team with tough deadlines. You will note that this can make them do a shoddy job. This can be detrimental considering that you will have to pay them after doing their work. You should allow them to work comfortably but still meet the set deadline. This can make your team become more productive. You can even consider software outsourcing in order to allow your team to have ample time to develop your software. You can allow your team to work with the team that you have outsourced so that they can come up with an effective software.

9. Let your team grow professionally.

You should invest in your team and train them more often. You can hire an expert to help them get modern skills in software development. This might cost you some money but it is worth it. It can help your team grow professionally.

10. Remember to hire a QA engineer.

There are instances when you can incur technical debt at the initial stage of software development. This can be detrimental. You should hire someone who can test your product before releasing it to the market. This can help to ensure that your product is working efficiently. You will note that this professional will keep on testing this project from time to time.

So, that's just our experience and our conclusions, I know that you might have some others and I'll be happy to hear them. At the same time believe there could be even more tips, as we move on :)

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