I wouldn’t hire you as my recruiter…and neither would you!

Have you ever gotten the call from a friend because you are a recruiter and they need a job? As the conversation unfolds and you hear the woes of the market, the reason the current job has wronged them, and all the other reasons the work world is not kind to them. Admit it, in the back of your mind you are thinking… NO WAY is this person getting a new job anytime soon. They have to change their mindset.   

Why then do we exude the same behaviors and expect to be that GO TO person for our clients and great candidates?

  1. Attitude:  When looking for a job, really anything good for that matter. attitude is everything. Positive attracts positive.
    1. As a recruiter are you positive with your clients and candidates?
    2. Do you think the next call could be a hire?
    3. Do you attract and teach that a great attitude is key in getting your next position?
    4. 2.       No Excuses: When finding a reason for leaving or not being successful in a current position we as recruiters don’t want excuses we want to know how you will win in your next role and why we should bet on you.
      1. Would you bet on you? Or do you make excuses about pay rate, location; skills needed and in what combination as reasons you may not win in this search?
      2. Do you find reasons to turn no into yes, or do you find a reason to move to the next more winnable challenge
      3. Solutions not problems are what we all want to hear from someone. Do you get creative and find a way to win? OR do you just concentrate on the issues at hand.
      4. Somebody will fill that position! Why won’t it be you? We coach candidates to ask for the job at the end of the interview, to show interest, to leave no question unanswered. Are we willing to do the same thing?
        1. Don’t give up
        2. Ask one more question
        3. Don’t assume you have done all you can…. Ask for feedback?
        4. Just make it happen. Set a goal, and go after it. Someone will fill that spot.

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