With the market varying in certain areas, some candidates have had to find other locations for positions that either match their skill set or match their lifestyle requirement. There are more consultants who will take a longer commute over less money. Once that long commute becomes tiring, they may begin to start their job search all over again. To help consultants entertain themselves during that long morning drive, below are some ideas to help pass the commute quickly.

-Download an array of energetic or mellow music onto an iPod or burnt cd that will get your day started off right! Download a book you've wanted to read but haven't had the time.

-Enjoy that first, second or even third (depending on the size of your travel mug) cup of coffee. Actually take in that warm sip of java and break down the flavor like you would with a nice glass of wine.

-Make a mental task list of your day. You may not remember it by the time you get to work but at least you made the mental note.

-Save the State Trooper emergency line on your cell before you begin your commute. Make sure you have your hands-free device available. Once you pass a vehicle going over the line, median, or nearly hitting your vehicle, check to see if they are texting or emailing. Chances are they are and you can now quickly call the emergency line and report them. Just remember what mile post you are at so you can give them an update each mile.

-Morning commutes are a great time to people watch! See if you can find the most amazing multi-task driver on the road.

-Catch up with old friend. You are not the only one up at 6AM. Call a friend and catch up on life! Just remember, the right lane is for slow drivers.

-Listen to the morning talk shows on the radio. You quickly learn your life could be worse. That could be your dirty laundry aired on the air.

Just remember to always wear your seat belt, focus on driving and do not text or email while driving. Happy commute!

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