Industry, Planted, SpareHire and other recruiting sites you don't know about

It's been months since my last overview of new, new-ish, and interesting recruiting sites. So without further ado, let's take a look at some of these contenders:

  • IndustryWith a good logo, one of those omnipresent 'roll down the screen' home pages, and a stylish design, Industry is aiming to be the LinkedIn of the hospitality world. It claims 2500 job seekers and 300 restaurants as of July 1. Reminds me a bit of ShiftGig.
  • SwoopTalent:  Call this one a 'people aggregator in a box'. SwoopTalent claims to have data-mined 160 million candidates and aggregated useful info about them - and they can also do the same for an employer's internal database of candidates. Seems like a good idea.
  • PlantedPlanted (another 'roll down the screen' home page) focuses on creating a talent community for young professionals. Formerly known as Lynxsy (new name is an improvement, more or less), it seems to be serving primarily startups. One nice feature: job seekers get a bonus if they're hired via the site.
  • SpareHireThis site in the financial hiring sector is a bit like eLance (umm, guess I should say Upwork now) for financial whizzes. The consultants are vetted by the site, and the companies wanting to use them post a project - then wait for bids. Interesting twist on the usual model.
  • JobSamuraiJobSamurai wants to be your favorite job alert - just enter a job title and location. The site is a front-end for Recroup, which is a job ad platform. However...when I search for a marketing job, the most recent results were from 3 months ago. Ouch.
  • JobbaticalThe name is a combination of 'job' and 'sabbatical' - and "it means a professional career break where people use their skills and knowhow to work on an exciting project in a new team in a new environment." In other words, are you unemployed and want to get the heck out of Dodge? This may be your site.
  • DraftedAnother 'roll down the screen' site - do I sound cranky about this? - that promises big bucks from referrals. Companies post jobs, set a 'reward' for the job, and then candidates work their networks to refer their friends.
  • KlujoOk, this 'scroll down' look is a thing. Question is, is it too much of a thing? Anyway - Klujo is a 'candidate engagement' tool - a Facebook app - for employers that uses gamification for screening. Looks good - curious to hear how it works for employers.
  • focuses on the tech sector, and they say "we believe that recruitment in tech is fundamentally broken." Ok. So what do they do? The Portuguese-based site has you upload your profile, refer your friends - and if an employer hires you, they pay 1% of your salary as a fee. Hmm. Sounds liked to me.
  • Speaking of sites that focus on the tech sector, want your referrals, and pay on hire - there's One difference from - they focus on the European tech community.
  • Triplebyte: These folks get the JobBoardDoctor award for most interesting yet still on target name. And talk about focus - Triplebyte is for engineers seeking jobs at Y Combinator startups.  Plus, don't forget: "Programmer interviews are broken."
  • No, this is not a site for job-seeking farmers. is a recruiting platform that resembles SmartRecruiters and other recent startups: job posting, simple ATS, screening questions, and...job seekers can upload a 60-second video of themselves.
  • HotlrsThis site also focuses on the hospitality industry - specifically, hotels, resorts, and cruises. It promises to put job seekers in 'direct contact' with industry recruiters. Scroll down? Check
  • WorkingNotWorkingA 'curated' site of freelancers in the creative industry. Employers pay a flat membership fee to access the freelancers. And yes, they also have a (very long) 'scroll down' home page. Not so creative, I think.

Well, that's plenty for this round. As you can see, online recruiting has lotsa startups these days. A word to the wise, though: please reconsider that 'scroll down' design - it's gonna date you as totally 2015!

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