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This week I don’t really have any advice or an opinion (yep, you heard it correctly – no opinion), I have more of a conundrum.

I have met with a few really great candidates in the past month or so who are facing some really unique challenges. Let me explain what I mean.

These individuals are all senior level people – area managers, franchise managers, directors or operations managers and the one thing they have in common is that they are victims of the economic environment. They were either “downsized”, laid off or got involved with a new venture or business prior to the bust.

Here is where I run into trouble.

These are people we all want working in our company or on our team. They were with their respected companies for years (more than 5 and more than 10 in some cases); they were promoted through hard work and were in most respects the face of their company in their region, nationally or for the actual company in one particular case. They were by all accounts GREAT employees.

With the economy bonking like it did they were, as I mentioned earlier victims of the economy. So… the real dilemma is?

Now that companies are starting to rehire for the positions left vacant by these types of people where are they looking? We all know that companies will not look outside for these types of positions unless they absolutely have to. So companies are choosing cheaper people full of youthful enthusiasm to fill these roles. No real chance for our senior people here is there.

So they do what every hard working person does and apply for new jobs, different jobs and even jobs that are more junior than their experience, I mean you have to pay the bills right? But they are told you don’t have the right experience, you have too much experience, and you’re too expensive. One candidate told me that they had to convince the hiring manager that NO they were not to expensive or experienced and in fact very interested in their opportunity and still came in second! So no room to move laterally and no room to step down and work back up.

Normally I would say go out on your own and be a contractor, a consultant if it were busier I would hire you – but it’s not busy enough for any of those options.

So my question to all of you is… what does a hard working individual that is in the top of their field do in to get an opportunity, a look or even a sniff in this weird employment and economic time?

Your comments could truly help someone – please send your ideas or suggestions.

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