International Recruiting: 4 ways Technology can help drive results

With the rise of the international workforce in many organizations, there has been an increased need for technology to help drive international recruiting results.


As detailed in our recent press release, we’ve had a lot of conversations with our customers and prospects about international recruiting and helping them determine their overall strategy. Some of these organizations that have robust international recruiting organizations, however, we are seeing a number of organizations that are just starting to form their international strategy.  This is for a number of reasons.


Sometimes an organization is just beginning to build a workforce overseas, other times they are looking to outsource non-core functions and there are others that are looking to centralize domestic and international recruiting organizations that used to be run separately.  In all these scenarios, they are looking for insight into where and how they should target their efforts and how technology can help them be successful.


For this blog article, I’d like to tackle the latter and share some thoughts on how technology fits into international recruiting strategies.  Most importantly, I want to focus on areas where technology can have the most positive impact and what you should consider when looking at technology to aid your international recruiting.


Here are 4 areas that are important to consider in technology to help drive results in your international recruiting:


Flexible Job Posting:  When working with a job distribution vendor for international postings, it’s important to figure out two things.  First, how many and the quality of the international recruiting destinations currently integrated in their system.  Second, how easy it is to configure and add new recruiting destinations (especially international) to the system.  While the first is important the second is crucial.  You need to make sure that when you identify the right recruiting destinations internationally you will be able to utilize them quickly and easily.

One last thing you should make sure about is that international postings are tracked and have the same recruitment metrics as your other postings.  Tracking is just as important if not more so for your international recruiting strategy.

Translation Capability:  Going hand in hand with job posting is the ability to easily convert your job advertisements to other languages for international candidates.  Most posting technologies should provide this option and make it easy for recruiters that don’t speak the language to post job ads that fit your international candidates first language.  A simple solution that is integral.

Building your Global Talent Network:  For every job campaign that you run internationally, you should not only see it as an opportunity to get applicants but also as one to start building your global Talent Network.  With a simple opt-in form in the apply process you can successfully capture candidates in a Recruitment CRM (most of which won’t finish the apply process) and utilize these contacts for similar future jobs that you are looking to fill internationally.

Depending on your workforce needs internationally (and your need to fill similar positions / skill sets), your global Talent Network can be a valuable free resource to fill positions more quickly.

Brand your Career Site for your Target Audience:  Recruiting organizations are starting to see the need for flexible Career Site construction that enables them to create dynamic content, micro-sites and targeted landing pages through their Career Site.  International recruiting organizations are using this innovation to create country specific employer branding campaigns to reach targeted groups of international candidates.

With a flexible Career Site, your international recruiting teams can create messaging and content that makes sense for the candidates they are trying to recruit.  Just make sure that you provide them with the proper corporate branding tools and guidelines and this customized content can improve your applicant flow and help build your Talent Network.

When recruiting internationally, it’s important to find recruitment technology that understands and embraces this focus (and sometimes it can be found with your existing technology).  While many of the same principles still apply internationally, there are often some cultural and local differences that can affect if you are getting your employment messaging to the right audience in the right way.  Rely on your recruiting experts for these regions to help you customize and improve your messaging for these candidates as well as identify the best recruiting destinations.  And most importantly track your results so you can understand how these initiatives perform.

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Comment by Dave Nerz on March 28, 2012 at 4:09pm
What about working with recruiting partners that are on the ground in those countries, speak the language, and know the candidates...perhaps have them in their databases already?

That is an option if you take the time to connect with recruitment partners in markets outside your own.

The question I would pose to any you think you can do a better job of recruiting in your specialty area and in your market than a China-based recruiting company? If the answer is yes...then by logic they can preform better than you in their local market. Don't compete, partner...
Comment by Chris Brablc on April 3, 2012 at 11:17am

Thanks for the comment Dave!  I agree with you that working with local international partners is integral to a successful international recruiting strategy.  Especially in terms of understanding local customs and what will work from a strategy perspective in these countries.

However, from a recruiting technology perspective many of the same tools you use domestically should and can be used by these teams to better centralize all your recruiting efforts.  It can be a great way to better understand what these teams are doing and can have a great impact on overall efficiency.

Thanks for adding some great points to the discussion!



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