Interview Techniques 101


Interviews can be a scary and daunting prospect, but they don't have to be, with the following tips you will be well prepared and impress any recruiter.

Research The Company First

The first thing to do before you even attend the interview is to research the company with whom you intend to have an interview with. Most interviews will consist of a set questions, one will surely be what do you know about the company? You will need to be prepared for this one, don't just visit there website and read there about us page, try and dig a little deeper and find out all about the company exactly, what they do and with whom. It's a sure fire way to impress the interviewer if you have a good knowledge of the companies background ect

Get all the interview details

Whether you are contacted by telephone or email regarding an interview make sure you get all of the proposed interview details for example, How many people will be interviewing, will it be a group or single interview, where will it be held, is there anything that you should bring with you or prepare. By asking these question you are sure to be more relaxed and feel well prepared for that all important interview day.

Dress code

We all no it's better to be a little over dressed than under dressed for an interview, make sure you are smart, well groomed and your clothing is clean and properly ironed, polish those shoes it only takes a minute of two and is one of the first things the interviewer will notice.

Ask good questions

At the end of the interview, you’ll most likely be asked whether you have any questions. Make sure you are prepared for this by asking questions that also offer up some new information about yourself at the same time. For example, saying ‘I’m a keen runner, do you have any sports facilities on site?’ is far more effective than simply asking if there’s a staff gym. 

Be self aware

Think about your body language and the way you’re coming across on the day. Greet each interviewer individually, be positive, smile and make eye contact. This will make everyone feel more relaxed!


Filling  the silence

Interviewers will often pause once they believe you have finished answering your question to see whether you will keep talking to avoid a silence. Answer the question fully and to the best of your abilities and then simply stop taking. Don’t be drawn in to carrying on as you will dilute your original answer.

Don't lie

You may think telling a little white lie will help you get the job, but don't be fooled, all lies will be found out at some point and it's simple not worth it. The best course of action is to be yourself and be honest has someone that has confidence in there own abilities can be relied upon.

Empty handed

Don't turn up empty handed. Make sure you take your CV with you even if they say they have a copy you will be surprised our many recruiters will miss place your CV. Taking your CV with you will also give you a chance to read it through to make sure you remember everything and can relay information from it directly. Have some bullet points ready or reminders to help jog your memory if you feel you are getting a bit flustered.

Talk too much

Answer all the questions fully but make sure you are not talking so much that you forget to listen. Listening carefully and understanding the questions properly will improve your answers.

Aaron W


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