Invest a Little in your Applicant Tracking System for Greater Benefits

There is nothing scarier for a recruiter than loosely-designed recruitment software. Screening candidates can be a nightmare if your applicant tracking system is not having all the important features that are in line with modern recruitment processes. An ATS is aimed at streamlining the process of hiring candidates for a recruiter and making the communication with the potential candidates easier. However, all the recruitment software are not the same and differ from each other in many features.

For a business or a company to hire the best talent in the industry, it is important to keep your ATS updated. If your company depends largely on recruitment software for hiring candidates, communicating with them and drawing an analysis of the data, you might want to check if it has everything you need. Below are 4 important points that you should take care of.

 1.     Invest into your Recruitment Software

Usually, companies are not inclined to buy a new software or upgrade an existing software if they already have some system in place. They tend to spend on individual modules and having data on multiple systems which is hard to move.

This results in data redundancy and increases the time that you may spend in the recruitment process. It’s always better to invest in optimizing your recruiting software that will help you in saving a lot of time, money and effort. An updated and optimized system is easy to use for applicants and the recruiters and provides a user-friendly interface which is faster and provides multiple features.

 2.     Integration with Job Portals and Social Media

Modern day applicant tracking systems can be integrated with other career websites, job portals, and social media. This increases the penetration of your message and brings you in touch with a larger pool of potential job-seekers from within and outside your country. Modern day talent acquisition software can post to social media on your behalf for any new openings or news that you want your potential employees to know.

Research has found that modern ATS increase your applicant pool by up to 40%. Furthermore, it lowers the time it takes to apply for a job which results in a decrease in the drop-off rates of applicants largely.

 3.     Easy Communication with Potential Candidates

Furthermore, the modern recruitment software, which is mobile-optimized also, makes it easier to communicate with your potential employees. A successful recruiter is one who keeps the applicants engaged and involved throughout. The best talent is always in demand and it is very important to build a two-way relationship with then.

The applicants you be frequently contacted through calls, messages, e-mails or social media to make them feel more connected. This will also help them in gaining the real flavor of what it is like to work with your organization.

 4.     All Data at One Place

One of the biggest benefits of the modern recruiting software is that it brings all the data at one place. This largely reduces the redundancy in the applications and avoids major mistakes in the recruiting process. The best ATS provides you with advanced search options where you can search and sort data according to various parameters from one place.

Once you hire someone, the information is updated and integrated into the HR employee system. You also have the option of saving good candidate profiles for future positions and share them with other departments.

 5.     Centralized and Streamlined Analytics

Measurement of the recruitment success of an organization needs a detailed analysis of applicants’ information. For this, you need access to a complete database. A robust ATS is the one that centralizes and streamlines all the analytics functions. It integrates all the data and makes it easy for you to assemble reports. Using a single interface, the recruiters are able to create reports, charts and keep track of the daily tasks.

A powerful and optimized ATS will make the recruitment process hassle free and save you a lot of trouble, efforts and time. You can invest this time in enhancing your organizational setup and improving the working of it. Making the best use of latest recruitment software, you can be sure that you have hired the best talent available which will reflect in the production of your organization and will also retain them for longer periods. Investing in a good ATS is a smart move that will help your organization grow.


About the Author: A specialization in HR and a flair for marketing lend Kelly Barcelos a competitive edge when it comes to creating content for an Applicant Tracking System provider. She works full time for Jobsoid creating and promoting content that effectively addresses the problems facing modern-day hiring managers through the advantages that accompany an ATS.

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