Is a Cover Letter for Social Media and IT Jobs Necessary?

Cover letters can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company that you want to work for.  A cover letter is usually sent in the body of your email with an attached resume when applying for a job.  They tend to be of great importance in this stage of your job search because it highlights your qualifications, skills, and why you would be an asset for the company.  Career Columnist Eve Tahmincioglu, says that cover letters are even more important for social media and tech job seekers. “Today companies want tech employees who are critical thinkers, well-rounded and do more than just tech speak, these things are hard to convey in a résumé.” 

Hiring managers prefer a customized cover letter for a position, because it shows that you are actually applying for that position.  Often, job seekers blindly send their resumes out, so taking the time to write a cover letter specific to the job you are applying for shows that you are truly interested in that position!  Also, a lot of times, the first person to see your application is a human resources manager, who may not know much about the computer programs and technical projects on your résumé.  The cover letter can be an opportunity to draw them in with a personal touch.

 Cover letters are more important now than ever before because of all the social media platforms out there.  A study shows that 45% of employers are screening social media profiles, and another 11% plan to do the same in the near future.  According to this study, roughly 35% of candidates have not been hired due to content found on their social networking sites.  Due to these statistics, many career experts think sending a cover letter is a crucial step in landing a job these days. 

Mark O’Connor, staffing manager at oil company Tesoro, says he doesn’t read much into cover letters, particularly for tech jobs — but adds that it doesn’t mean applicants shouldn’t bother to send them. “They should be short functional summaries of their relevant experience,” he says.  O’Connor’s team of recruiters focuses on developing relationships with candidates via social networks.  From there, they’re more concerned about the details that lie within the résumé and try to learn more about their past experience.

Here are a few cover letter tips:

  • Make sure it’s brief and to the point
  • Tell all about your accomplishments
  • Be creative and don’t just summarize your resume
  • Your letter should serve as an introduction to your resume

In my opinion for all you job seekers, whether you are looking to get a job doing Social Media, IT, or in any other industry, it is important to set yourself apart from everyone else.  Although it’s not necessary to send a cover letter, I do think that is important that you sell yourself by sending a cover letter and tailor it to the specific job you are applying for.  A cover letter is still valuable and can help you by setting you apart from everyone else trying to get an interview for the same position.  Make sure you take the time to research writing a cover letter and do it the right way! 


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