This business has a way of cutting you open and letting you look deep inside yourself. And sometimes, you don't like what you find.

I've trained thousands of recruiters. I've visited dozens of search firms and staffing agency offices. I've personally coached scores of people in our industry. And from what I've learned about the business, every single reason why a recruiter is not successful can be traced back to a character issue.

I find it sad that our industry holds up as examples those who are only thin shiny patinas of money-motivated obsession wrapped around empty and shallow shells of self destruction. This business is so much more than the money. It's about relationship, personal growth, fulfillment, contribution, and abundance in all areas.

Recruiting is indeed a personal development opportunity disguised as a job. If you want to make more money as a recruiter, you first need to grow in your soul.

And it's not just what I've seen with others whom I've grown to know and admire as coaching and training clients. I'm right there with you, walking next to you, telling you that I'm just as screwed up as everyone else but don't worry about it because there are solutions that will help us still get to that same level of performance as those who were born with natural talent. We might not have the natural talent of a Picasso, but at least we can follow a paint by the numbers approach and get the same results. Yeah, there's hope for people like you and me.

Don't get me wrong. The business is not about the money, but it is, but it isn't, but it is, but it isn't... It's about the money in that money is used as a measuring device. But the only way, and I mean the only way you can grow your revenue is to grow your value. You can't get other people to do anything with you unless they see value, and that's where your character growth starts. It starts with a personal value system that includes honesty, relationships with authenticity, discipline, finding win/win situations between all parties involved.

I explained it to one search firm owner during a visit to his office to train his team for a few days. "If Lance Armstrong joined your current team of ten seasoned recruiters, do you think he would be successful?"

"Absolutely. He'd probably be the top producer within nine months." "My point exactly. Who knows more about recruiting. Lance Armstrong, or your seasoned veterans?"

Many recruiters have twenty years of experience, but it's really one year of experience twenty times because they never grow past that point of who they are today. And that's the real loss, to see someone with so much potential who will never know what sort of amazing person they might have become.

- Scott Love

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