We had a nice long summer here in Michigan; we had a cacophony of color and flowers this year and we experienced the warmest summer in years. Flowers flourished and blossomed. We enjoyed our vibrant garden with our friends.

Autumn is upon us and it is time to think of winterizing.

The sprinkler system has been switched off. Gone are the delicate flowers and colors of summer, gone the hanging baskets overflowing with buds and hanging trails, gone the butterflies, gone the humming birds the blue jays, flown to their “winter homes”

It’s Autumn now and the summer colors have disappeared. The colors have changed. We now have splashes of Oranges and Burgundies. The ‘mums are glowing in the cold autumn sun.

We now have our autumn garden. The same garden yet a different color scene.

There are many similarities between growing a garden and growing ourselves. My wife is a master gardener, and as we were working on our autumn garden we started talking about how people are like gardens!

People are like gardens because we are all beautiful - colorful in our own way.
We all have our own personalities. Nurtured by the “gardeners” who take care of us.
Each if us are the colors of the life we have lived.
Like gardens we are all different varieties and yet we all need the same, the sun, soil, water and the nurturing to bloom.
We are of different backgrounds and different cultures, yet we all live in the same “garden” of life.
Nothing happens by itself and we all need to have someone, our own “gardener” to take out our weeds to continue our growth and get rid of the stuff that is inhibiting us.
So its time to Re-pot!

We sometimes need to transplant ourselves into another “garden” for us to grow again!
New challenges, new jobs or careers, new projects, different places to be, new friends.

We need to get rid of the stuff that stops us growing- the dead leaves of our lives.
Get rid of the “junk” that stops us being who we really are.

We need to recognize that sometimes we have outgrown the space that we are in, and need “bigger pots”.
New environments and meaningful challenges.

We need to re-pot ourselves to look, feel good, to re- grow and be vibrant.
A “make-over” of who we are and what WE stand for.

We all need to find ‘”The gardener” in our lives
That person who has our interest at their heart.

So it’s autumn time again. Time for.

Energizing and refreshing.
Branching out for further growth.
Pruning the dead branches of our lives.
Seeking out new and different soils.
Cutting back the old to allow for new growth.
Transitioning from stale to new.
Moving to a bigger pot.
Autumn is upon us again and it is time to think of winterizing it’s your time.

Thanks Doreen, my wife and my very own master gardener.

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