Is Social Recruiting Dead…or Just Getting Started?


Social recruiting is a rapidly-growing trend in HR and recruiting space.  Some argue that it is dead and that beyond sourcing more candidates, it really doesn’t help recruiters scale their practice.  We, however, don’t think it is dead...we believe it is just beginning!

We are entering a new era, in all business sectors, which is driven by big data (I know, another buzz word, but hear me out!).  The exponential growth of social networks continues, as billions are connecting with each other on a daily basis, online.  This isn’t a fad, it’s a new reality.  Our world is getting smaller and the data of every individual online continues to grow exponentially.  The question is how can all this data be leveraged by recruiters?

Herein lies the challenge.  Most of us just don’t have the time or the skills to amass this social data, filter, analyze, and reduce it to simple actionable outcomes.  For many of us, the best we can do is participate and engage in these social networks, if for no other reason than to not be left behind.  That is the problem.  Without the proper tools and enlisting the power of big data analysis, most of us are barely able to keep our heads above water in the rising social media “tide”.  We know (or at least have been told) it’s the way of the future, but the reality is that after spending hours of following, liking, RT, mentioning, poking, posting, sharing, and favoriting...(ugh!)...many of us are challenged to see the ROI.  Often times, it is so overwhelming that it’s easier to say that social recruiting is “dead” and go back to doing what we did before...write a job description, post it on the job boards and pray that the right candidate will reply.

We’re here to tell you not to give up on social recruiting!  Recruitment 2.0 is alive and well and just beginning.  We have a different outlook.  We believe that social media is the most powerful recruiting platform ever.  Specifically, we think Twitter is the holy grail for recruiters...but not without some powerful HR tools wrapped around it.  The Twitter platform wasn’t designed with recruiters in mind; Tactics HR is. We’re developing recruiting technology on the Twitter platform that simplifies both the sourcing and assessment of candidates.  Our focus is to make a software tool that doesn’t eat up more of your time, it frees up your time.  It doesn’t take weeks or months to learn, it take minutes.  We’ve taken the big data of Twitter and made it simple, powerful, and actionable.  It lets you scale your practice, place more candidates and grow your business. We believe that social recruiting isn’t just about posting’s about hunting talent.

Tactics HR lets you easily:

  • Search Twitter bios for skills and keywords you are looking for

  • Filter search results based on location; and

  • Find candidates who follow, and are followed by, specific users or companies.

We are focused on developing the most powerful HR platform on Twitter and have big plans for our product.

So, do we think social recruiting is dead?  Not a chance.  We are only beginning to see the power of social talent acquisition.  Are you ready to take control of the recruiting power of Twitter?

Don’t just post and pray. Hunt.

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