Is your Social Network an Asset or Liability?

We have been connecting with our friends, family and professionals on a multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Orkut etc. It has been fun to be in touch with our near and dears. It gives an immense joy to grow our network and feel good about it. Moreover,
We’ve enjoyed things like commenting on a friend’s drunk pictures,
criticizing people on blogs, updating that you’re at Gym on Foursquare


Why people Network Online?

Lets understand the science behind the whole thing. ‘Connecting’ with people and things is a basic human need. When you ‘friend’ someone on Facebook, You are actually making a new connection or ‘digitizing’
an existing relationship. It becomes a lot more easier to keep track
on information when it is digitized.

Moreover, when you comment on your friend’s status or reply a message – You are actually ‘deepening’ your relationship. The way software has revolutionized the businesses in the first place…Software
is now revolutionizing our personal and professional lives. This helps
us conclude that people can fulfill that needs and helps get in touch
with people we need – It probably is an asset for the people.

Impact of Social Networks on Businesses

We are on a business blog right now. Lets look at it from a business standpoint for a while. Although it feels good to keep in touch with people and grow our networks..How much business sense
would it make? It has been a crazy ride. People have been *wasting* a
lot of time, energy and bandwidth for social networking.

This has brought serious criticism from businesses around the globe. There have been survey reports on 12.5% productivity loss at work due to use of social networks. Taking all this information into
account…We may consider that – Social Networks can be a Liability for a

Is Blocking Social Networks at Work ‘the’ Solution?

Around 50% companies at USA had blocked social networks in the last few years (96% when it comes to Indian IT companies). This might sound like a legitimate decision as ‘productivity’ is the priority of any business. At the same time, If your company is
blocking Social Network – It is probably blocking your ‘Basic Need’ to
connect. You have all your friends on your Cell-phone – What if your
company blocks it all? Will you like it? NOT AT ALL…right?

I would like to take a stand here. There are some serious cons of blocking ‘Social Networks’ at work as mentioned below.

  • Loss of Moral: The employees working a firm which allows social networks will feel much better at workplace than the firm which blocks. This is because the firm is blocking the ‘basic
    need’ of being connected with people.
  • Lack of Trust: The company blocking the ‘Social Networks’ essentially is not trusting their employees. They believe that their employees are not going to work, If Social Networks are
    allowed at work. This results into distrust by employees and hence a
    possible lack of productivity.
  • High Attrition: The above to factors may result into serious attrition rates. This is because your competitor is proving social network access as an extra ‘incentive’ to the employees.
    Your competitor will have a higher possibility of attracting Top

Free Tips for Businesses

If you are too concerned with social networks killing your productivity – Here are some Free Tips for Businesses on Social Networks Access at Work.

  • Companies don’t block their employee’s cell-phone but people do block it themselves in the meetings. So, There can be timings when Social Network be blocked at Work.
  • We recommend to allow it in the morning one-hour before the official work begins..This helps employees to check their status/messages etc..and also helps companies get the employees on time
    easily ;)
  • Allowed during Lunch time and say in the evening after 4:00 pm. This provides employees ‘enough’ of freedom while ensuring the ‘productivity’ for the Business.

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