It’s the Little Things in Recruiting…

When training new recruiters I often find they are looking for a secret that unlocks the mysteries of selling.  Most of our recruiters at least initially, are a little disappointed when I tell them I have no “secret” to share.  Instead we focus on things like treating the customer like they are our only customer.  How well would you treat your customer if you only had one?  How responsive would you be with only one customer?  I’d like to share a small, seemingly insignificant example of how doing the little things will differentiate you from your competitors.     

A sale is about a whole bunch of little things – some can be operationalized – some are instinctive.  A quick example of this is when a candidate sends in a resume via email.  Typically, a recruiter receives the candidates resume and may send an email saying something to the effect of “thanks Mr. Candidate – I don’t have anything right now – but reach out to me in a few weeks and we may have something”.  Weeks turn into months which then turn into never reaching out or reconnecting.  I challenge all recruiters to try a technique that costs about 30 seconds of your time but the long term impact will be great. 

 Here it is – the secret you’ve been waiting for:

  1. Actually look at the resume…
  2. Do a reverse job match on your ATS…
  3. Send the results to the candidate…

Congratulations!  You’ve just done something that most recruiters don’t – offer value for free to a potential customer.  Think about it – what response is more likely to establish a relationship:

  1. Sorry Robert, nothing for you right now – but stay close to me and I’ll contact you when something comes up.
  2. Robert, nothing active right now.  That said – in the last 60 days we have had 8 citrix roles in the telecom, banking and government sectors – all within the GTA.  I expect to have repeat roles from these customers over the next several weeks.  We should arrange a meeting time so we can discuss how we can maximize your exposure to these opportunities.  Can you discuss this evening?

Which response is more likely to engage the candidate?  Look – I know that recruiting is tough – but it’s these “little” things that will really impact your business long term. 

I’m not suggesting that returning an email in this fashion will suddenly make you the world’s greatest recruiter – what I am suggesting is that doing one small thing a little differently can greatly impact your own book of business.  It’s these little things that make all the difference in your connections with people. 

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