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Being contacted by a recruiter can be surprising and open doors you never considered before. When we ask for a resume, it would be awkward to admit that you haven't given it any thought. There is more to a resume than using it to apply for a job, so here are some reasons to consider keeping it up to date.

1. A resume is used for more than employment. It can be used as a list of accomplishments or to apply for special engagements, such as speaking at a conference or lecturing at a university. Be sure to keep a copy in different formats as some people (like a recruiter) may need to make minor edits before passing it along.

2. Keeping your resume up to date will prevent forgetting a big achievement. The more you've done and the longer your career, the easier it would be to miss something. A resume can be viewed as a list of bragging rights. You've earned that recognition be proud of it! Having an accurate list of your achievements makes verifying much easier. If someone were to look and find that your dates are off or the name of the award is wrong, you could be viewed with suspicion or assume that you lack attention to detail. 

3. Paper is becoming a thing of the past. Resumes are rarely handed in person anymore. Many companies and recruiters look for someone's LinkedIn profile, which can showcase more than a paper resume can, such as recommendations and endorsements from experts in the field. Keeping it up to date can help relevant people find you for employment and other professional opportunities. Seeing who you've networked with can also increase their opinion of you (depending on who it is, of course.) While it may seem impressive to have a lot of connections, think quality over quantity. LinkedIn allows people to see your activity as well, including comments, likes, and which pages you follow. Remain professional in all of these, and it will help you shine above the rest. That being said, unless it's approved by your employer, try not to engage on social media during company time.

4. Resumes have trends. Did you know that the "objective" section of a resume is considered outdated? If you haven't updated your resume in a few years, this is a telltale sign that you you don't pay attention to current trends. In such a tight, competitive market, every advantage matters. Remove this section. Likewise, a resume should not be longer than a single page. It can be two pages if you've had a long career. To help keep it slim, stick to only what is relevant. Be sure to state that it is a partial list, and that a full resume may be made available upon request.

5. To obtain a promotion. Certain employers will ask to see a resume, even if you're already working at the company. Having your resume up to date facilities the process, shows your attention to detail, and that you were working toward and preparing for the promotion. Who wouldn't want to hire that person over someone that said, "Oh, can you give me a few days to put it together?"

These are the most popular reasons we've seen to keep your resume updated. We also understand that you're busy doing your job, and it's not always easy to stay current on every trend you might need to be aware of in the future. Would you like free help with your resume? Give us a call! (469) 651-1208. You can also e-mail Sara at sara.gerardo@primefr.com


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