We were manipulated for about 150 years, beginning from old man Chéret through advertising, propagandizing comfort and carelessness. But we have absolutely forgotten about one thing, that sooner or later- we will have to pay for everything! People have convinced of prudence of crediting. And we did it. We took credits which we weren’t capable to pay even for one lifetime. The mortgage – became norm! All the world is under the credit. And here when the crediting world standards began to fall under its own heavy weight - banks started to withdraw money back. So the world crisis has started.

Work = Deficiency

Producing goods have ceased to interest the Buyer because suddenly there is no Buyer. There are popular articles on the Internet about brands that don’t exist any more from the beginning of this year. Large companies started to absorb each other, trying though somehow to keep the money. With each month the rate of unemployment raises. Workplace has become a myth. Old canons of a supply and demand have changed now. Workplace is synonym of deficiency. So candidates are standing in a long line to get their work place. And it is all about to be hired.

Isn’t it humiliating, when the recruiting is all about finding talents? What will be with the rest? Dying of starvation?

We need changes in recruitment!

Worldwide companies are compelled to reduce their states. As consequence - people lose the workplaces. And as hostages of crediting, people are shivering because they have to PAY for cars, furniture, apartments and their houses. Now, the place where it is possible to earn money – becomes the valuable good for each human. It is almost the war! Recruitment as the economic branch will not remain the same as it exists now. And though, too respectable names are involved in this sphere, they cannot affect the fact of "overheat" of an old system. There is a necessity of a New global mechanisms that won’t be built on their own interests! It has to be different now.

May be it is naïve thoughts, but it has very strict message. Rules of recruitment have to be changed. It’s just my own opinion.

Yours are welcome 2 ))

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Comment by Dorian G. on September 2, 2009 at 7:55am
To Oscar
Thank you for the answer first of all.
The problem is in the absence of workplace. And as the employer who has obvious pay limits and demands to empoyee, I would prefer the better and more talanted person working for me. Isn't it so? It means that if you are recruiter, so I am calling you to find THAT kind of person. And I don't want another but talented one. It is the politic of all recruitment now. It is advertized position of hiring now. More than millions agencies are targeting on that politic...Am I wrong?
Comment by Dorian G. on September 3, 2009 at 5:21am
Thank you, dear Oscar!
I am fully agree, that it is all about personal atitude.
Thank you for your open heart and shared thoughts.
Actually I help people to find their job too))) So..


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