Keeping up with the changing pace in IT advancement: A challenge for IT job seekers.

It is a well-known fact that information technology is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing professional fields in the word. While some say that the frequency at which information technology innovation evolves is astronomical, others compare
its changes to the brazing speed of light (That is approximately 299,792,458 m/s.)

Information technology changes so fast said Sandra Thompson, a former employee of eLinks Software. “Since I lost my job one year ago, it has been difficult to get a new job. Employers are interested in candidates who have lots of IT skill set. They hire those who are current and abreast with emerging technologies she added. It is hard to keep up and I feel like I am being left behind.”

While a skill acquired 10 years ago is good enough to remain valuable and productive in some profession, it is not the same with information technology.

In the past, an IT job seeker could be hired as a software engineer just for having basic knowledge of how to write a computer program. In some cases having a technical IT certificate or professional certification was enough to get their career on gear.

The story is different in today’s pulsating and hyper-charged IT industry.
There are plenty of mission-critical IT projects which needs to be completed and only those with the right education, experience and right combination of skills are sort after. In addition to the underlying requirements, the candidate must be current and versed with the required technologies.

This indeed makes it hard for most young and the older generations in this profession to keep up with the pace. Information technology keeps changing in terms of skill, infrastructure and delivery.

IT skills set acquired two years ago may be obsolete today.

Even though Information technology remains a firebrand, lucrative and after sort profession, one still wonders why there are many unemployed IT professional?

Some people argue that it is because of high job requirement, demand and the prerequisite, which seems to be somewhat over whelming especially to new graduates with little or no experience.

From the employer’s point of view, the IT project has to be completed and delivered on time. Therefore, they source for the best and brightest talents with hands on experience in all the above-mentioned skills. They also look for candidates with up to date IT skills. (Those who are in tune with cutting age and next generation technology applications.)

This leaves inexperienced and fresh IT graduates scratching their heads for answer since it seem almost impossible for them to showcase or demonstrate these mired of skills set.

In order for new IT graduates to gain the needed experience, they need to be given the chance and the opportunity to develop their skill. The government, IT employers, recruiters and other stake holders should develop a more flexible recruitment program with new and inexperienced graduates in mind. There should be incentives for companies to embark on constant retraining programs for staff and new intakes.

On the other hand, IT professionals and job seekers in this lucrative field should be aware of the challenges ahead before making their career plan. They must also stay focused, more creative and inventive.

To keep up with the pace, Long life learning is recommended at all levels in their career. (That is constantly learning and acquiring new IT knowledge as it evolves.

There are many long life learning program tailed to suit all levels of IT skills acquisitions needs. University part-time and distant learning programs are the best places to start. Provincial and some private technical colleges also offer IT training courses.

A more proactive and aggressive approach is required on the part of IT job seekers and IT professionals so as to keep up with the challenges and trend.

Author: Yanks Mayer

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