Is good manager a good leader or vice versa? What is really the difference, while we all have spent much time in the corporate World, crossed paths with many managers and leaders (Good and Bad ones….u bet!) at different point of our lives. But do we know to differentiate them from each other in the first place?

A manager can be made, groomed, he can definitely adapt characteristics of a good leader, be a mentor too, But that will not make him a ‘Leader’ which will make him a Good Manager, even a Successful and effective manager. A Leader on other hand, NO MATTER WHAT ! is born with a particular style which is extremely original. I will not get into Leadership grids, but Yes ! one thing that I will like to say is a Leader can change your way of thinking, perspective towards life. A Leader will leave his/ her presence in his/ her absence, in your thoughts or in your actions.

On the other hand Manager, is more of an administrator and executive. As a leader is to ideas & thoughts, a manager is to strategies and is always evolving.

These days, I hear more and more trainings being conducted on managers transforming into Leaders. I think what is meant or targeted is a ‘leadership designation’ at organizational levels..which require few leadership traits. Because Please note, No one can be trained to be a leader. A Mechanic with no academic degree, a farmer from small town, a child with great interest in art, are few examples of a who may be or turn into good or even great Leaders but not may not be good managers. Also each of them can be groomed into good managers given enough time. But Not all managers will be Good LEADERS.

While in a corporate environment, we talk about leadership (more to do with qualities and traits).

The whole corporate entity is driven by the Managerial workforce at various hierarchies (again will not get into grid) and they do compete for top notch or few top hierarchy slabs – so called as the ‘leadership slots’. Please note, the ones who make it to these leadership positions are the most effective managers who may have few leadership traits which are , acquired by experience of years and  are  groomed & trained,  to be effective, to plan, implement, execute, manage, administer, mentor, organize, communicate, focus etc, but they are NOT Leaders !

And as the well-known saying goes, Leaders are Born, and not made, and I will like to add in here, but managers are and can be created and groomed. 

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