LinkUp Announces New Android Application For Job Seekers

LinkUp, the fastest growing job search engine on the web today, announced the release of its free Android application for job seekers. Exactly like LinkUp’s iPhone app and website itself, LinkUp’s new Android app allows job seekers to search job listings that are found exclusively on company websites. LinkUp’s job search engine indexes over 22,000 company websites and updates those job listings every night. As a result, jobs on and its mobile applications are always current, often unadvertised anywhere else, and contain no fake jobs or scam listings.

LinkUp’s Android and iPhone application, called “Job Search Engine,” allows job seekers to search for relevant job listings by keyword, location, company, or industry. Users can also save jobs to a Favorites list and access their Favorite jobs on their computer at a later time via a web browser or RSS feed reader. Job seekers can also save specific search queries as job alerts and be notified via email of all new matching jobs.

Additional features include email alerts when Favorite jobs are closed by the employer, the ability to instantly email relevant jobs to any email address, and the ability to apply to job openings directly from any Android phone. Finally, the “Job Search Engine” app utilizes sophisticated compression technology and is capable of delivering extremely fast search results on Edge, 3G, or WiFi networks.

Job seekers can get the Android app by scanning the QR code with their Android Barcode scanner or by going to the Android Market and searching for “Job Search Engine.”

For more details on LinkUp's Android app:

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Comment by TobyDayton on January 20, 2010 at 12:08pm

Thanks for taking some time to post a few comments about LinkUp. In response, I'd like to offer a few thoughts of my own.

First of all, LinkUp is a job search engine, not an aggregator site such as Indeed and Simplyhired. They are not at all 'the same thing.' A search engine is a site that actively scours the web for its content, indexing sites and continuously updating the content that the search engine delivers in its search results. In LinkUp's case, this means that we are actively indexing jobs that are found exclusively on company websites. LinkUp only delivers job listings in our search results from the 20,000+ company websites in our search engine. As a result, the jobs are always current and often unadvertised anywhere else on the web.

More importantly, LinkUp's job listings do not include any jobs that are pulled from other job boards. As is widely known throughout the job search and HR industry, traditional pay-to-post Job boards are horrendously polluted with fake listings, job scams, phishing jobs, work-at-home scams, and other garbage listings. Sites like Indeed and Simplyhired that primarily aggregate listings from these antiquated job boards are doing little more than amassing a gigantic database of garbage job board listings, with the added problem of duplicate listings.

For Indeed and Simplyhired, it is, exactly as you say, 'about people seeing your jobs.' Aggregator sites like Indeed and Simplyhired are in the business of serving their customers - Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, The Ladders, and other job boards who pay by the click for job seeker traffic that aggregators deliver to their site.

Simplyhired's customers are the job boards. Indeed's customers are the job boards. That's the aggregator business - providing clicks for job boards.

We deliver candidate traffic on a per click basis as well, but our candidates are directed to specific listings on company websites rather that other job boards. And our clicks are, in fact, cheaper than Indeed and Simplyhired and Google because we prohibit job boards from bidding up the click price. Whereas job boards are the foundation of Indeed's and Simplyhired's business model, job boards are simply not part of ours.

LinkUp's mission is to build the best job search engine on the web for job seekers and employers. This means being dedicated to delivering job seekers with the highest quality job listings and serving employers with the strongest, most compelling recruitment advertising solution available in the marketplace. On both fronts, we have been phenomenally successful.

Our traffic growth is exploding due to extremely satisfied users who are not only returning to the site often and staying there for extended periods of time, they are referring others to the site as well. Growth in unique visitors in 2009 over 2008 was 373%, total visits rose 510%, and pageviews rose 738%. That data is publicly available for anyone to look up through sites like Compete and Comscore and in no way is it 'disingenuous' for us to say that we're the fastest job search engine, nor can anyone 'say that about anything.' Transparency stands as one of the great benefits of the web.

Speaking of transparency, I'd strongly recommend that when you post comments on blogs, in niche communities such as, or anywhere on the web for that matter, you refrain from doing so anonymously. I'll give you credit for a creative and slightly amusing user name, but your comments would be far more credible if you had the courage and integrity to use your real name and company. In my mind, people who post anonymously lack confidence and conviction in what they're saying.
Comment by Schek on March 17, 2010 at 5:55pm
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