List of Things You Must Take to a Job Interview

So, you’ve made a real long way, applying for hundreds of job positions and receiving several invitations for the interview. Right now, if you really want to make it through and land on the desirable job, there are still some of the interview preparations left: practicing some of the most common interview questions, thinking of your outfit, tuning for a positive attitude and most importantly preparing you take-along checklist to ensure you would meet a situation head-on.

Let’s find out which items you must take along in your case.

1. CV/Resume and References

Don’t forget to bring your documents, even though you have submitted them electronically. If there are any issues with the documents, have a look at ResumArea and order your resume to be completed by actual resume writing experts.

Linguists and philologists also recommend purchasing a blue 2-pocket folder, since blue is the most neutral and appropriate for business interaction. The folder has to contain resume on the left and recommendation letters on the right. Besides, make sure you have at least 3-4 copies of these documents, since experience shows there could be several managers to interview candidates during you visit, soit’s always important to have extra copies along.

Nevertheless, don’t think as if throwing your resume or recommendations would be enough. As study have shown, almost 93% percent of your interview communication is nonverbal, so if the manager has any questions regarding the content of your documents, be ready for an oral and open answer rather than simply handing in your resume/letter.

2. Pen and Notebook

As you interview goes, you’ll be receiving essential information and taking notes along would be a good sign of showing respect and attentiveness. Psychologists say it’s one of the best strategies to present your active listening skills during an interview. But here’s a thing: make sure you don’t stare your whole time in the notebook avoiding an eye contact.

3. Business Card

As everyone knows, there exist several ways people perceive information from others: visually, through listening and through touch. Meanwhile you’ll be surely using both first ones, business cards can play a crucial role in turning the manager’s visual perception into touching one. The more people get to touch, the more real it seems.

4. Directions to the Venue

It’s great when there’s a chance to use a GPS navigator in your own car to find out the destination easily. However, if you’re taking a bus or walking on foot, there’s a great chance to get lost and ultimately be late for the interview. Of course, if there’s an opportunity, you may even find your interview location in advance to be 100% sure to get to your place the next time.

5. Cellphone

Don’t you think that taking a cellphone along with you to an interview means you’d be constantly distracted by your device. As you walk into the office, make sure it’s turned off and hidden somewhere in your briefcase (keeping it in the pocket of your jacket is not preferable).

Remember that any sounds of received calls and messages can be really irritating to both you and the interviewer, even if you don’t pick up the phone or simply ignore them. Nothing should interrupt the conversation.

6. The Intangibles

That means you’ll need to have knowledge about the company’s work and prepare several winning and meaningful questions about its performance or precisely about your position in order to showcase how well you have prepared for the interview. And don’t forget about proper behavior: good smile, positive approach and appealing attitude to the manager will certainly guarantee your non-verbal success.

Hence, do never underestimate the power of your attitude – managers are also humans and tend to feel the candidate’s negative/positive attitude in a matter of seconds. 

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