Maddeningly Moronic Murkograms (an ode to Bill 1618 Title III)

You've seen them, but did you know they had a name?  Emails with the following drivel conveniently inserted at the bottom:

"In accordance with Bill S.1618 Title III passed by the 105th U. S. Congress, this email can not be considered spam..."

Ugh.  I hate these things.  As if our profession didn't have enough credibility problems already!

I received my first Murkogram many years ago, and took 60 seconds to look up "Bill S. 1618 Title III."  Just enough time to find out it doesn't exist.  Or, more precisely, it didn't pass.  Don't take my word for it - go ahead and look it up yourself (CIR certification not required - I promise!). 

So why, oh why, are people still including this meaningless passage in their emails?  Am I supposed to be less annoyed that this "recruiter" (and I use that term VERY generously) somehow thinks I'm a Cisco professional because I've recruited Cisco professionals?  Does it somehow lend credibility to their otherwise low level, dare I say it, SPAM?  Honestly, I just don't get it. 

I've been known to send an email or two to what turns out to be an unqualified candidate, I'll admit.  Heck I've even made a spelling mistake now and again.  But quoting fictitious laws?  Not once. 

So here is my appeal to the recruiting community: If you are using this blurb in your emails, please stop.  It does nothing but confirm that you are spamming people with thoughtless abandon.  If you see a fellow recruiter using this language, please tell them to stop.  Friends don't let friends send Murkograms!

Final thought: if you're going to ignore my appeal and insist on doing this (audible sigh), please don't be the Murker who emailed me today, but somehow didn't include the "p" in the word "passed."  I mean seriously...


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