Madonna’s Decades Of Success & Her Career Plan

Madonna’s Decades Of Success & Her Career Plan



Only Read This If Success Is Part Of Your Plan

And Realize Change & Career Evolution Need to Be Part Of It


Decades of success requires determination, the ability to recognize change and the need to evolve as part of a long-term plan. Understanding that complacency and standing still can result in being left behind. As a successful individual it is necessary to know success can come and go if we allow it to. But it doesn’t have to. Success just does not happen, it includes a plan that often includes change as situations change, may need to be tweaked periodically and it must include the plan that realizes change needs to be part of the plan.

Madonna had a career plan and still does, it includes to do whatever needs to be done to be #1. Do you have a solid career plan in place?

Do you have a career strategy in place to follow as you navigate through your career journey? If not it is not too late to create one. You need to set and have goals in order to achieve them. As simple as some goals may be, setting goals help people succeed and not having goals may cause failures or stumbling blocks which can stall or disturb one’s career. My advice is if you don’t have a career plan, do it now.

Madonna wanted super stardom right from the start of her career and still does. She originally created her brand, continues to maintain it  and is not afraid to reinvent herself/brand to stay on top. Yes, she may have done a few things that were “borderline” unacceptable, but we cannot argue the fact that she is still recognized as one of the greatest successes in the entertainment world today. Are you the next star to be born?  What career legacy are you looking to leave behind while creating your brand in this very competitive ever-changing world? Are you willing to learn, build and continue to do whatever it takes to enhance your career skill sets and build upon your knowledge base so that you too can continue to grow professionally for decades?

Many agree that one’s career defines them, who they are and how they are perceived by others not to mention yourself. Therefore your career should be one that makes you proud and of course without regrets. However building one’s career is not an easy task. There needs to be a plan and it needs to be followed, tweaked, and full of goals that may change as the landscape of the playing field changes. But you have to work at it, set goals and do what is required to stay on course so that as you navigate the sometimes tumulus waters, you continue to reach the goals you had set out to achieve. Down for a moment or two, just get back up because anyone can be successful if they want to and are willing to do what it takes…..

Why is Madonna so successful after so many decades? Her passion and desire to be #1 was and remains her ultimate goal. She continues to evolve and reinvent herself as new stars enter into her space. Part of her success is her ability to recognize that complacency or just maintaining her foothold in the entertainment world would not sustain nor yield continued success. Instead she continues to take control of her career, her brand, and is not afraid to personally make changes in areas she can control. For example, in order to sustain her success she needed to appeal to broader audiences, which at times required creating new types of music, choreographing new moves, making changes, sometimes dramatic ones to her live stage shows, basically doing what she needed to do to continue and advance her successful career. Can you say that about yourself? Do you take the time to look around to see what you may need to do to sustain or advance your career? It doesn’t matter what you aspire to be in life, it is important that you need to have a plan and strategy in place so you can achieve your personal goals.

She is not one to settle for second best. Are you? Are you looking around your company and recognizing others’ talents, potential threats to your advancement, your strengths and weaknesses compared to others? You should be evaluating where you are currently and decide your next steps to achieve your goals. Out of a job? Don’t let it get you down. Dig deep, reinvent, find what you like. Put a plan in place and go for it. But of course you need a career plan even after decades of success.

Relationships matter. Do you use your relationships to help with your career advancements? How good are your business and personal networks compared to others? Take a look to see and if needed increase your networks. Madonna knows about relationships and how to exploit them for sure. Madonna knows the importance of surrounding herself with the right people to advance her career and help her succeed. She knew and continues to know how to get out of people what she personally needs. Are you surrounding yourself with people who can make you better professionally? Do you have a mentor and support system to help with navigating your career? Of course hard work almost always pays off, but you also must know how to play the game and be in the right circle so to speak. Yes you need to be determined, focused, not to mention flexible and open to change but you also need a bit more, a network, the right network of course.

Blaze the trail. Madonna set the trends she did not and will not follow them. Part of her plan was to become knowledgable as to what was selling, what the fans wanted and played to their wants, needs and desires. Of course, that was part of her plan. What is part of yours? Creating a successful career plan is not a random act. To help with your career plan ask yourself a few of these questions; What do I want my brand to be? How do I feel about coloring outside the lines? I am ready to take control of my life/career and ready to take action to achieve my career goals and aspirations. Am I ready to be challenged? Ready to lead not be led? Do I need to reinvent myself and evolve? Who is my competition? How can I exploit their weaknesses? Do I have someone I wish to emulate?  Am I passionate about what I do? Don’t be afraid, you only go around once so make it a good one! Make a foot print in your organization, the world and create a legacy for yourself. Make a plan, make it your own, follow the plan and be sure to recognize when it is time to change/evolve you are ready to do it.


Sheila Greco



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