Millennials, Individuality, and Digital Nomads: The New Employment Trends in 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close, and 2017 is just around the corner. As companies develop new ways to innovate, attracting the best talent continues to be the biggest challenge many businesses face. The latest employment trends coming in 2017 focus on how the evolving workforce changes the relationship between employer and employee.

Trend #1- Millennials take on more senior roles as older leaders retire.

Today, millennials make up almost half of the global workforce. In Canada, millennials are already the largest working population. As boomers continue to retire, the younger workforce will begin moving into management roles.

Companies have spent years investing in their youngest populations, and that training is coming to fruition. Millennials are gaining the ability to shape the futures of the companies they work for. This critical shift will have implications on other trends we will see in 2017.

Trend #2- More companies celebrate individuality.

Acceptance and equality is more commonplace among millennials than any other generation prior. As younger populations make more hiring decisions, they are more likely to close wage gaps, hire a more diverse workforce, and celebrate individuality like never before.         

Office culture and atmosphere are adapting to make everyone feel comfortable in the workplace. In 2017, being yourself will be celebrated more, instead of adhering to outdated corporate standards.

Trend #3- Increased use of people analytics to find and retain the best talent.

As companies around the world increase the stakes to find and keep the best people, making quick and smart hiring decisions can significantly impact the bottom line. In 2016, roughly one-third of businesses said they were ready to support some type of people analytics team. In addition, training, skills testing and nurturing top talent continues to be a rising cost for Canadian employers.

In 2017, expect to see a drastic increase in the number of companies that are prepared to use analytics to find the best talent. Training and development costs will continue to rise, as more and more companies are seeing the value of early investment into their staff and a positive return on that investment.

Trend #4- Digital nomads and freelance workers are accommodated more to keep the best talent.

 Today, Canada is one of the top freelancing countries in the world. Independent workers all over the world say they believe freelance work is overall positive, giving them more time to spend with family and enjoy flexibility in their daily lives.

 As more millennials embrace the independent workforce, they are beginning to move more frequently around the world, considering all they need is a computer and Internet connection to do their jobs. This benefits companies, as well, as embracing a remote workforce in 2017 will allow talented individuals and niche professionals to join their teams.

 As 2017 approaches, the shifting workforce will have a growing impact on everything from leadership, office culture, analytics, and remote employment. Preparing for and embracing these changes can be extremely beneficial in the coming year.

Author Bio

Miriam is VP at Groom and Associates, and has experience with a wide range of clients, from small high growth organizations to some of the largest global organizations. Industries include consumer goods, retail, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical, mining and metals, plastics and packaging, distribution and logistics. Miriam has conducted mid to senior-level recruitment engagements across a variety of functions including directors, business and corporate development, sales & marketing, finance, engineering, and operations.


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