Mobility and Recruiting: How the Mobile Revolution Can Help Drive Your Recruiting Processes

The mobile revolution has dramatically changed the way we live and work. With a pace of adoption that far surpasses both the uptake of personal computers and residential Internet connections, the way in which we have embraced mobile has given us numerous opportunities to connect with others in ever more engaging and interactive ways - especially when it comes to recruiting.

However, it’s easy for this potential to be lost. With so many people using smartphone and tablets for casual gaming, how could users ever be enticed into reading messages about recruitment and job opportunities?

The reality is that, with the lines between leisure and work time becoming ever blurred, people are more likely than ever to use a smartphone for accessing the internet (60% of users) and email (52% of users). Even given that it is a relative dinosaur of the digital age, email is still the most effective way of communicating recruitment messages, and mobile use of email has risen by 450% between 2010 and 2013.

Engaging Mobile Users

With users checking their devices up to 150 times per day, commonly during commuting, work breaks and in the evening, mobile is a perfect method through which to engage a captive audience during their downtime. However, people typically have a short attention span at this time, and so mobile recruiting messages must be well thought out in order to convert well. As such, mobile messaging should be:

  • Mobile optimized, with vertically scrolling pages and fonts that are clear on smaller screens. This is key, as providing a desktop experience on a mobile device is jarring and allows abandonment rates to soar.

  • Highly relevant to the target audience, with separate functionality for both internal or external candidates.

  • Contain bold calls to action if they are to hook your target audience and encourage them to apply for open positions.

  • Streamlined to allow applicants to apply for roles with the fewest clicks or taps possible.

Mobile and Social Referrals

Given the way that social media has become highly integrated with mobile, it is now easier than ever the leverage the power of social networks and the potential they hold for recruiters. By providing an integrated method for recommending contacts from networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook with simple one click referrals, recruiters can overcome the biggest challenge faced by many referral programs - the drop of interest and lack of activity that is often characterised by a program that is too time consuming or requires too much heavy lifting from the user.

Mobile has given recruiters and talent acquisition teams a new and exciting way to engage candidates throughout the day and in a convenient way. By adapting quickly and creating a mobile first strategy, as opposed to simply transferring existing practices to a new platform, you can reduce your time to hire and recruitment costs, whilst boosting engagement and standing out as a dynamic employer.

Read more about mobile and recruiting in our new whitepaper, ‘Mobility and Recruiting’ by Bill Boorman, and join in the discussion on Feb 6th during our Mobility and Recruiting webinar.


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