New Job? 4 Ways To Rock Your First Impression

When you need to make a dynamic impression, don't take chances. Pull out all the stops to create an unforgettable image that will make a good impression and help you be remembered in a positive way. Here are four ways to excel when striving to make a good first impression.

Be A Great Listener

Nothing draws admiration from others more than listening to them when they speak. Everyone likes to think that their words are important, and when you show it by listening, they appreciate your attention. Another benefit to listening well is that you learn more by listening than by talking. This can be a tremendous asset when you are establishing personal or professional relationships or trying to fit into a particular scenario.


Have A Sense Of Humor

An easy-going manner and fun personality fit in anywhere. When it comes to your sense of humor, just relax and be yourself. Natural wit is much more easy-going and doesn't seem as forced. However, make sure that your humor is appropriate and never at the expense of others, as that is just best to be avoided. Look up a few jokes to have on hand or find some way to relate to those you are speaking with.


Remember Important Facts

In a new situation, especially one in which you are somewhat nervous, it will be difficult to remember names and details that you will hear. However, zone in on a few key faces, such as name, job description, or personal anecdote that might be shared to help you remember the person or situation later. Use the power of association, such as colors or alphabet letters, to connect essential facts to people or places.

Looks Matter

Select an outfit that matches the occasion, whether formal or casual. Include appropriate accessories, keeping in mind that less is more. In other words, don't overdo it. Subtle jewelry and makeup add nice accents without demanding attention. You can also get your hair trimmed and styled to give it a fresh look and give you that extra boost of confidence you need. This may be the time to visit professionals, like Cloverleaf Dental Center, and have dental work done to optimize your smile, which is one of the qualities that observers first notice and later recall. Studies show that attractive, well-groomed people typically score higher than others in most situations.

Becoming a lingering memory to someone you want to impress is not difficult if you follow these four steps. Make the occasion about showing who you are at your best and why your presence matters in the event at hand.

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