New Technologies to Increase Business Growth Exponentially

Today if you want to have a successful business you need to think through the technologies you are using. If you are not on the cutting edge then you are leaving room for your competition to come out with new ways to dominate the market. So use the following technologies. That way you can grow your business exponentially:


Businesses that keep track of their sales process and customer experience are going to be able to get to their goals faster. Without an organized system, it is nearly impossible to stay on track. That is why a CRM is one of the key pieces of technology you need to be leveraging every day.

In sales, each member has their own prospects. In order to get them in the pipeline, they have to do a lot of research before reaching out by phone or email. If they don't have a place to store the research, they could end up writing notes by hand. This not only takes longer but also runs the risk of losing the information you have on these clients.

A CRM allows your sales team to quickly and easily put the information in the centralized database. And you don't have to worry about storage on local computers or a huge room of servers. Modern CRMs let you do this all in the cloud. This means you can pay as you go and need more space for additional customers.

A proper CRM strategy involves tracking customers through the pipeline. You can leave call notes and what you discussed during your last contact. This can make warm calls hot and cold calls warm, making it easier to sell and hit your revenue targets.

It also enables your customer service team to see all relevant details about each customer. They can know their names, addresses, marketing sources, or anything else that is relevant to solving their problem quickly and protecting your brand's reputation.

Marketing Automation

You can't simply rely on a great product today. You also need stellar marketing. A marketing automation approach means you are not wasting time and resources that can be done by AI. For instance, manually sending out emails is a thing of the past. As is hourly social media posting.

Instead, you can write out the messaging beforehand and send it out with a schedule to all of your audience. You can even break your customer down into segments to change what they are receiving or even when they receive it. Automation lets you worry less about the little things so you are freed up to focus on the big picture in your business.


Accounting efficiency is important when it comes to keeping track of your income and expenses. With blockchain, you can maintain a centralized ledger that all relevant parties can access. Whether it is your accountant, CFO, or anyone else regarding financial reviews, you can make access safe, easy, and convenient. After all, having a financial snapshot of your company is essential to being profitable.


If you are not using crowdfunding to grow your business, you are missing out on one of the greatest technology innovations to come into the world in recent history. Instead of walking door to door to find new customers or even calling them, you can let them come to you. You can start a campaign and let them pre-fund ideas so you don't have negative cash flow.

Training Systems

There are a variety of new technologies in the online training space. It used to be that you had to travel in person to go to an event. While these are effective, sometimes your team needs help online at the time they are most in need. They can do this now on their computer or smartphone, whether it is essential negotiation training, sales training, or anything else in your company.

When it comes to modern business, you need to use the right technology to get ahead. If you don't, you will fall behind the competition. You need to leverage speed and innovation to capture more attention, train your people, and achieve business objectives. While it can seem like a lot to take in, you can succeed if you use the right tools mentioned above.

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