No surprises here, but we’re in a recession/downturn/what ever you want to call it and as always it doesn’t affect everyone (yes, some companies are actually hiring). The difficulty with working with these companies is that they aren’t looking to fill run of the mill IT positions, but instead high end niche roles (ERP experts/BI/DW/Architects/etc.). Additionally they have requirements for specific technology skills, and with only one or two hires for the entire year these people have to be “spot on”, no and’s, if’s or but’s. To make matters worse is that with all the unemployed people out there looking for work it becomes difficult to explain to companies (and sometimes harder for them to understand) why they aren’t able to locate and attract the people, with the skills they need at their price point.

Now explaining these issues wasn’t always so difficult. When I started in this business 20 years ago I worked for my father who was a long time salesman (started in the Ad business in NYC during the 60’s), and he was able to utilize what some might call bawdy jokes to help deliver the message, and it’s one of these stories he passed along that best sums up this current market situation. Unfortunately political correctness hadn’t yet been invented in the 60’s so I’ve tried to clean it up without diluting the message. Here goes nothing.

A woman goes into the local general store wanting several items and as she lists them off the grocery lets her know that he’s sorry, but they have no onions. Undeterred she continues with the list and again asks for onions to which he again replies that they have no onions. Again she continues and again the request for onions comes. At this point the grocer is getting a little agitated, but knowing the customer is always right simply lets her know that he’s out of onions. Finally she finishes her list and for the final time requests onions. At this point the grocer is beyond mad and in a desperate attempt to help her understand his complete lack of onions asks her how to spell onions. She gives a quizzical look, but does as requested and spells it O-N-I-O-N-S. To which he replies "no" and proceeds to let her know that he spells it O-N-I-F-*-*-K-O-N-S to which she replies “Sir I’m sorry, but there is no F**K in onions” to which he replies “you’re right we don’t have any f**king onions!”

The dual message here is that your clients will continue to ask for everything and you’ll need to continue to let them know the hows and why’s of the market, and that while your patience may be pushed to the edge with perseverance and a consistent message they will eventually come to understand the market and be in a position to make decisions based on those realities.

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