On the Brink? 5 Reasons To Stay, 5 reasons To Go

In 1981, The Clash wrote a song called "Should I Stay or Should I Go".  The next year they released it, and it became their only #1 single.  On the single, Mick Jones sings "Should I stay or should I go?  If I stay there will be trouble.  An' if I stay there will be double." Do you ever feel this way about your job and where you work?  If so, you are not alone.

Changing jobs is a tough decision.  It is frightening.  You are about to leave the known, and enter the unknown.  You are about to start over.  You are asking yourself: "Am I making the right decision?"  I have coached thousands of candidates on their career and I have openly told them, "yes", it is time to make a change or "no", now is not the time

2013 is a new year and you have had some time to reflect on where you are with your career and if you are headed in the right direction.  Before making any hasty decisions, here are 5 reasons you should stay with your current employer and 5 reasons you should go.  Hopefully, you make the right decision.  If you don't and it doesn't work out, my best advice is to never burn a bridge and keep the door open for returning.  

5 Reasons to Stay with your Current Employer

1.  You Enjoy Your Job  Sometimes things are going great at your current job, but something is pulling you to make a change.  Let me tell you from experience, happiness at a job is a great thing.  If you truly like what you do, the pay and management are fair, then it is probably better to stay where you are then to leave for another job.

2.  Your Management and Staff Make You Feel Like Part of a Family  Take money completely out of the equation.  If a company treats you well, respects you, values you, makes you feel at home, please stay!  The world is a very cruel place to be and it can be very cut-throat.  More often than not, people who leave companies where they feel valued for another opportunity just because they want "a change" end up going back to their employer.  

3.  Your Current Employer Offers Light at the End of the Tunnel  What I mean by this statement is that even though you aren't satisfied with your current situation, you know changes CAN happen.  Let's say you work for a major employer and there are opportunities to transfer into another division or a different area within your company.  Don't jump just yet, explore opportunities.  Another example would be that the company is struggling, but you know of a new product line that may boost sales and increased morale.

4.  Your Company is an Industry Leader  If you are in an industry that is hot, with a company that is doing well and you are being paid a good salary, stay at your employer.  A lot of companies are struggling financially and if you are with an industry leader and don't have to worry about that, then don't leave.  Not in 2013.


5. The Company Makes You a Better Person   If you are working with a company where you may be making less, but have the opportunity to work with the best in the field, you may want to stay.  You are surrounded by great minds, and great leaders, which give you the tools to be not only successful at work, but in your life.  You will emmulate them in your daily activities and see them as mentors throught your career.

5 Reasons to Leave your Current Employer


1.  A Company is Trying to Compromise Your Values  One thing you must always maintain throughout your career is your integrity.  Your moral and ethical values are the most important things you offer as an employee.  If you are being asked to do something that you believe will taint your image, run, don't walk away.  Take pride in who you are and what you offer.  Some company will admire you for what you have done.

2.  You Have Hit a Glass Ceiling Sometimes you are with a company where you cannot advance any further.  Sometimes you need to make a change to get to the next level in your career.  If you stay at your current employer, you are only hurting your future.

3.  Family & Health  No job is worth losing a spouse over.  No job is worth being so stressed out that you aren't enjoying life anymore.  No job is worth neglecting family and friends.  We are only here a short amount of time on this earth.  Enjoy what is most important in your life.  If it is your job status, then you have your values messed up.  Take a minute to really think about your priorities.

4. Travel or Commute  No one can sustain 100% travel forever.  If a company is requiring you to spend every minute on a plane or in a hotel, you need to consider a change.  We do have skype now, we can plan for business trips.  If you are commuting 3 hours into work and out of work with no telecommuting policy, then you need to explore other options.  They are available.

5. Your Company is Taking Advantage of You  When you are doing the job of 3 people and the company and management team don't respect you, you need to walk away.  Companies will ask you to take on additional responsibilities in this economy. You will know when they are using "the economy" as an excuse to get more than you are able to give. 

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