Organized Chaos or Metrics Driven? What Works Best?

Today I went to the Apple outlet store in Austin. Apple has created something that is so different than anyone else. They are the pioneers. Sales people aren't paid a commission, and people are randomly walking through the store. If you need help, you ask for it. If you don't and just want to browse the store, they will gladly answer your question. There is no pressure to try to sell you anything. They are there to just help. There are no cash registers or receipts. Everything is done electronically. Apple has become very successful at this. They have proven it works. I am going to call this "organized chaos" because it is so different from the traditional sales model. People are running in all directions at all times.  Others such as Microsoft have adopted this model in their outlet stores.

Let's now take a furniture store or a car lot. Browsing? No my friend. If you walk on that lot, they are there to sell you. I sold houses for a home builder in Austin and I sat in those trailers all day to try to sell new homes to people. If you walked in, you were what we called an "up". As a sales person, you took turns. If it was your turn, you tried everything in your power to close them right then and there. It was all a numbers game. The more "ups" you had, the better chance you had to sell something. If you didn't have many "ups", how did you maximize the ones you had? What were your metrics? How can you improve upon them. 

Let's now take the commissions piece out of the equation.  I have worked with extremely organized people and I have worked with people who have papers laying all over their desk.  Is there a method to their "organized chaos"?  How do people who seemingly have it out of control, completely in control.

As recruiters, are you metrics driven, or do you use the "organized chaos" model? I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.  How do you run your desk? Do you have papers everywhere, or do you have a nice folder or e-mail folder for every candidate? Whatever works for you is my answer. 

In a world where we are driven by numbers, metrics, and statistics, I think we all need to think about what really brings the most success.  Apple has proven "Organized Chaos" does work, so maybe they are on to something.

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