After many years in the world of recruiting, it is easy to forget how tough it was to get started. 
Making that 1st call, negotiating pay rates, people not showing up for interviews, people turning down offers, & of course finally - your 1st placement!  Starting out on the rightpath can help the road be a little less bumpy……

The 1stcall: Making that 1st call can be intimidating.  I’ve seen lots of new recruiters shuffle
papers, make tons of notes, read the job order over & over, rearrange their
desk and even stare into space. 

  • The best way to make the 1st  call is to just pick up the phone.  Yes - of course your should prepare yourself with the resume, job order and make a few notes on the resume regarding things you want to address.  Now it's time to jump into the call, it will get your adrenaline flowing.   Don’t’ think of it as a cold call, recruiting is all about carrying on a conversation with another person, an exchange of information.  The more confident you sound on the phone, the more confident the candidate will feel about you regardless of your level of experience. When I hear silence or whispering in a recruiting office, it scares me – I want to hear those voices!

Negotiation: Asking questions about compensation and benefits can feel very awkward at first.  Some candidates may even push back on sharing this information with you.  

  • Learn early on this is a 2-way relationship – give & take is essential!  Keep in mind, if you go to the doctor, the only way he/she can help you is if you explain what you’re feeling.  Same with recruiting, the only way you can give them what they are looking for is for them to share with you what is motivating them to make a move.  Remember, this is not always money.  Finding a person’s “pain” is part of delivering a “cure”

No-Shows & OfferTurn Downs: Again, this happens, part of the job.  All that work – down the drain!  It’s a horrible feeling & now to top it all off – you need to deliver the bad news to the client & start your
search all over again (if given the chance).  Evaluate your process – do you have one? If so, did you follow it or does it need to change.

  • Get into the habit of asking the right questions. Ask them every time.  If you consistently ask your candidates what has changed with their job search, other interviews, offers, has anything changed regarding their reasons for leaving their current job (pay increase, new boss).  If you learned their pain in the negotiation phase, you have to make sure you are still in a position to deliver the cure.  If you are confident you’ve done all you can, move on – there is always the next candidate.  If you messed up, learn from your mistakes & enhance your process. Recovery is the key to moving on.

1st Placement: Congratulations!  Nothing feels better; we live and breathe for this daily in recruiting.

  • Don‘t stop there, your placement is now a source of referrals and business development opportunities.  Show your excitement in their new opportunity. Reach out to them when you can – they will remember you the next time they are looking or they know someone who is.

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Comment by Jennifer Norene on June 30, 2011 at 10:55am
Thanks for posting. I have a family member who is new to recruiting and I will share this with her. If you would like to network with her, let me know. I am sure she would love to meet a tenured professional.
Comment by JoAnn Carlin-Revesz on June 30, 2011 at 10:59am
Thanks Jennifer!! We have a group on LinkedIn called "Recruiter Branding", ask her to join that as well...we just started it, but the purpose is for recruiters to share feedback on their experiences & ask for advice. Great spot for a new recruiter!!
Comment by Jennifer Norene on June 30, 2011 at 11:05am

@Nordstrom offered her a job at any of their store when she graduated and she turned it down. This young lady has a lot of value to add at a young age! I will definitely refer her in.

Comment by Maria Yslava on June 30, 2011 at 11:49am
Excellent, thanks for sharing!


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