Politics & Healthcare – Sick Bedfellows?

If those who penned the Bill of Rights could have seen into the future, the
right to healthcare would have been included. Unfortunately, healthcare wasn’t
an issue during that time. But it is now! It’s 2012, and the United States
Government has been methodically taking away many of its citizens’ access to
healthcare. Isn’t this an infringement upon our unalienable rights of life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

By what methods are they accomplishing this?

1. The U.S. Government is chipping away at Medicare/Medicaid benefits. (Our government is supposed to exist to protect the rights and interests of its citizenry).

2. They allow the “big budget” lobbyists such as the American Medical Association, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to control our healthcare. These groups have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbying, campaign contributions and advertising in recent years.

3. The United States Legislature passes laws on healthcare that they themselves don’t have to follow.

4. They take a partisan view of healthcare.

Healthcare is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s a human issue!

Gallup reported in January 2012 that 17.1% of Americans have no health insurance at all. Middle class America can’t afford monthly insurance payments yet the CEOs of the top seven insurance companies make an average of 14.2 million per year. Only 44.6% of all Americans receive healthcare benefits through their workplace.

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of 100,000 primary care doctors. The Baby Boomer generation (78 million Americans) are aging, and medical students are opting for specialties rather than primary care.

What is the solution to this doctor shortage?

Use advanced practice professionals such as nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) in lieu of physicians. Most NPs have had their BSN for years prior to advancing to NP. The NP takes about 2 years to get their MSN. Many NPs are now going for their doctorate. PAs must have a bachelor’s degree although many have their master’s. The PA program is based on the medical model, and the NP program is based on the nursing model.

Remember the AMA, one of the “big budget” lobbyists? They are fighting this solution with everything they have. Why? They say that these practitioners don’t have enough education to take over primary care. But it’s the AMA members (doctors) who hire these practitioners in their own offices to take over half their caseload of patients and cover for them when they are out. Studies have shown the care given by these practitioners equals that of primary care physicians, but patient satisfaction and reduction of healthcare costs are better compared to a primary care physician.

America’s voices must be heard louder than the crinkling sound of these lobbyists’ millions! Let’s stop being on the losing end of this battle. It’s important to all of us. Let’s get these nurse practitioner jobs and physician assistant jobs going in the right direction! Politicians and lobbyists seem to feel that healthcare is a privilege that only some should enjoy. It’s a right, not a privilege! Their self interests could inevitably block 30% of America’s healthcare access.

Placements USA  is a proud advocate of Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant jobs recruiting!

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