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The Amazon Rainforest has been called the greatest celebration of life on earth.

Hundreds of miles from civilization’s pollution, the forest thrives with more than 200,000 botanical species. “The diversity of plant species in the Amazon rainforest is the highest on earth. To date, some 438,000 species of plants of economic and social interest have been registered in the region, and many more have yet to be catalogued or even discovered.”
*Rainforests currently supply over one fourth of our medicines.
Over 70 % of the plants found in the Rainforest have anti-cancer properties. How many plant cures have been lost as the forest is destroyed?

The potent, nutrient- rich botanical medicines wild crafted from the Rainforest have been used as medicine for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples. Herbs such as pata de vaca, and pedra hume caa have been researched in Brazil for treatment of diabetes. Chanca piedra, stevia and chuchuuasi are known to support liver, spleen, kidney and pancreas function, balance blood glucose levels, and stimulate pancreatic enzyme production, support metabolism, balance blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Native tribes along the Amazon River and its many tributaries have benefited for thousands of years from Una de Gato, aka .Cat’s Claw, Sangre de Drago, and Camu camu.

Una de Gato (uncaria tomentosa) is a well know multi purpose herbal medicine used to strengthen the immune system, aid in respiratory and digestive tract function, and promote cardiovascular health. A friend of mine found it helpful in shrinking fibroid tumors.


The indigenous people know that a deep cut suffered by a machete while chopping their way through the jungle can be healed without scarring using the sap of the Sangre de Drago. When I applied the sap to a deep cut, the blood flow went from gushing to completely stopped in 60 seconds. The wound healed quickly without scarring. I eliminated a mole on my jaw line using Sangre de Drago and Camu C Serum.
Research shows the sap of Sangre de Drago to have high levels of antioxidants. The sap is 90 % proanthocynanidin, (pycnogenol), which is found in green tea, red wine, and grapefruit seed extract. The anti- oxidants in the Sangre de Drago may be one reason why it is so effective in reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, and in supporting cardiovascular and respiratory function. Research indicates Sangre de Drago to be antiviral and effective in the treatment of herpes, influenza, periodontal disease, irritable bowel, and respiratory viral infection**

Camu- camu is a fruit the size of a cherry that grows on a small tree in the flood plain of the Amazon Basin. Camu-camu is the highest plant source of vitamin C with naturally occurring B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is a potent immune and mood-balancing botanical. Camu-camu supports the body’s defenses against herpes virus, and is traditionally used by natives for colds and flues. Research by Dr. James Duke shows Camu-camu was ranked as number 1 in treating asthma ,atherosclerosis, cataracts, colds, edema, periodontal disease, glaucoma, hepatitis, infertility, migraine-cluster headaches, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease and as a painkiller. It ranks number 2 in treating depression.***


The vastness of the world’s rainforests is being destroyed at a rate of more than 2.7 million acres each year.

Statistics show land used for raising cattle yields the landowner $60 per acre, if timber is harvested the yield is $400 per acre. However, if medicinal plants, fruits, nuts, cacao (chocolate), rubber, and other sustainable plants are harvested, the worth of the land per acre is $2,400. These sustainable botanicals provide an ongoing income year after year for generations. The Rainforest is more valuable alive than dead!

Please consider the health benefits from potent, sustainably harvested, wild crafted botanicals from the nutrient rich soil of the South American Rainforest. As we heal ourselves, we are contributing to the preservation of the Rainforest, and doing our part to slow down global warming.

For education about the Amazon Herb Company’s life sustaining products, contact Anthony at 805-740-1321,

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