This recruitment community is so interesting - it has become part of my daily routine. I really enjoy reading the posts of various member. Up to this point I've not really been connected to a professional community - except for the professionals at BCBSM. But I'm really glad my sm research led me here.

The social media project is going well - I am learning a lot about the value-add and shortcomings of the mediums. You can't ignore social media - our world works in social media and my generation definitely embraces their beloved communities with a dogged loyalty. As Steve Levy says (a lot) its just another tool in the recruiters tool belt and I'm excited to present these tools to my team. But, I also see where it can sap a bunch of time and energy with very little measurable pay-off - except by becoming microfamous (or microinfamous)

Today one of the posts I read was by Mr. Sumser. His posts are always interesting and thought provoking. He mentioned a point about the value of good work and I keep thinking about it.

After reading this I began thinking about my current job and where I want to be in 5 years and as someone once asked me "what I want to be when I grow up."

My current job is great. I work for an awesome leader, my team is very close and tight, and every day I learn new things and am challenged by my job. I think these factors keep me engaged and even when the stress is piling on instead of breaking me it just makes me want to work harder and better and 'conquer' whatever is stressing me out or challenging me.

Although last week was a little rough I actually enjoyed it. This either means I'm a masochist or I actually have found something I am really love doing. I mean, I love doing a lot of things but in this case not only do I love to do it but it also provides income! (lol Bonus!)

In my job I've found a blend of two things I am really passionate about - recruiting and technology systems. It is weird but I really get excited over how the technology improves processes and saves time so recruiters can do more of what they are great at - finding and placing qualified people.

Before our Taleo staffing system our recruitment team was bogged down by paperwork, applicant tracking, data entry and a lot of 'wasted time.' I don't mean they were purposefully wasting time but our process was so stymied our recruiters had little time and patience left to do what they actually enjoy. And, although our system is still in its infant stage the amount of time that has been saved is extraordinary. I hope that its the same with the onboarding solution.

After my little blog-crash, we've actually really moved forward with the project. I have renewed faith that it will be as much of a time saver/blessing as the staffing solution. I'm generally an optimist so after a little bit of venting (and a few mistakes in terms of blogging etiquette lol) I am back to my cup-half-full self. (Yay) Although we have a very ambitious go-live schedule I am very committed to ensuring that we do it right and on time. Plus, my teammates are fantastic (rockstars even :-P) so I know we can get there.

Although I could see myself staying with BCBSM forever - I've been with them since I was 18 and they've raised me as an HR professional - I am getting married in May and my husband is a soldier. He's getting transferred to Fort Lee, Virginia and although I love my job and company I can't marry both of them. So, as I'm planning my transition I keep thinking "where will I be in 5 years" and "what do I want to be when I grow up."

My dream job would be to help other companies implement solutions like Taleo. It would be satisfying to empower other companies with the technology that can allow them to focus on their job - not paperwork and processes. To deliver solutions that change and improve the way people work.

Although I've always thought my future job title would be "Recruiter Extraordinaire" now perhaps I've found something that suits my skillsets better - recruitment technology extraordinaire? lol How do you know when you've found your own professional 'right fit'?

It's interesting because everyone seems to be an expert in something and I'm still trying to figure out what I get to be an expert in. I suppose I want to be an expert when I grow up. haha

Just random musings as I put off the mounds of homework I have to tackle soon.

Happy Bunny Day too.

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