Recruiting As A Writer For Dating Sites

At the moment, there are millions of websites out there that have blogs, guest writers and so on, but most do not have the right skills, to get any exposure or use viral techniques to get noticed. There are lots and lots of places you can find writers, websites like odesk, contracting sites and so on.

How Do You Find The Best Writer For Your Blog?

Well personally when I recruit a write for my site, I first check there examples and how original they are, and if they are actually unique. See below an example of a dating site blog post, which shows exactly how it should be done.


The Six types of Online Dating you should avoid.

Online dating is a completely lawless place and it is something that you'd best avoid. But there are some people who take this dangerous path filled with despair and heartache. But through all the pain and misery, there is hope. Sometimes you will find what you seek.

In the past dating wasn't as complicated as it is today. There were dating do's and don'ts that made things a lot simpler and helped define relationships. Now social norms are very fuzzy, but there are still types that you should best avoid.

1. The Narcissist

You're talking to someone. Well it's more like they're telling you about themselves and you can only listen. Sure an online dating website profile should be about yourself, like your interests and your hobbies. Well it's okay to love yourself, but who wants to go out with someone that only cares about themselves?

2. The Greedy

Well I won't pretend that money doesn't matter to me and happiness can't buy happiness, but who would want to go out with someone that can't support himself ? So would you want date someone that only likes you because of your wealth?

3. The Bad Man

Girls love bad boys. Don't even try to deny it ladies it's fine with us guys. But you should steer clear of someone that is just aggressive. It's okay to be lovable bad boy, but imagine a life with someone that starts verbally abusing you before you guys in start having a serious relationship. Remember, it's fine being a bad boy, but don't be a bad guy.

4. The Emo

It's okay to show off your emotional side, but it's not good if you just moan and just inspire depression into everyone. We're not being insensitive or anything but an online dating site is not the right place to talk about your crippling depression.

5. The Boss

No one is perfect that one is true, but that doesn't mean you can tell others what to think, what to do, or what they should look like. There is freedom of speech but that doesn't give anyone the right to be disrespectful. And if you find someone that seems to tell you what to do and treats you disrespectfully you should go lickity split.

6. The Hoax

I'm talking about scammers who try to get money from you or try to get personal info. So it goes without saying that you should never trust strangers you met online with sensitive personal information. There are also people on best online dating sites that are married and are just looking to have an affair. Just be careful of these time-wasters because they're the most you should stay away from.


So remember when writing a article for your blog or website to remember to use these simple methods:

  1. Keep it interesting
  2. Add related images
  3. Engage the reader
  4. Have some personality
  5. Make it humorous

Use all these points and you will be a success! Finding employment will be easy.

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