Recruiting site roundup: the July edition

It never stops: the recruiting industry continues to sprout new job boards and job-board-like sites. It's been a couple of months since my last roundup, so I thought it was time to take a look at what is new, interesting, and up-and-coming. Let's go!:

  • HandshakeThis site (which landed $10M in funding in February) focuses on college grads. It claims 110 universities and over 90% of the Fortune 500 are currently using it. The platform includes a survey tool, analytics, and tie-ins to job posting suppliers. Seems very comprehensive, particularly for their target audience of college career centers.
  • MustardThis Irish site targets drivers, bartenders, event staff, movie extras, and other 'shift' workers - in other words, not your usual salaried office types. Employers pick the type of worker they need - movie extras, for example - then set a location. Mustard notifies everyone that matches, and those workers that are interested can share their profile with the employer. Interesting. Why the name? I have no idea.
  • randrrrandrr is "a career opportunities platform for the common good". The site goes on to talk about how job boards don't care, how the recruiting process is broken, about recruiting transparency, and how candidates should be able to search and apply on 'any device'. Yet I spent a long time looking for how randrr works - even reading their white paper - and never figured it out. Go take a look - maybe you can. If so, let me know.
  • BoonBoon is basically a software platform for building a 'referral community'. Companies post jobs and promise to pay for referrals. The site also mentioned gamification, but how that plays out was not clear to me. With a claimed 1 million candidates in the system, it seems that a company would have a good chance to find someone, somehow.
  • SelfieJobsThis European job app targets any job where "personality and style is part of the job". That's shorthand for entry-level jobs in retail, customer service, etc. This Swedish company features candidate profiles with pictures, maps, and a personal profile. Although the site is quite stylish, the organization felt a bit confusing. But then, I'm not Swedish - or European!
  • KonnectAgainThis is another platform for building a talent community, with a particular focus on 'alumni' - those candidates that have had previous relationships with a company, i.e. a past employee. Basically, it provides demographics and activity info on specific candidates, as well as a platform for reengaging them. The system is modeled on similar systems used by alumni organizations.
  • WooNot actually that new (except to me), Woo's basic premise is that it tells the candidate how 'in demand' they are and how much they're worth. What does this really mean? The candidate (a tech type, of course!) submits a wish list of the type of job they want, Woo sends it to employers, and any employer that's interested can ask for more info or make an offer. So 'in demand' and 'worth' boils down to whether an employer responds or not.
  • UpScored This 'career discovery platform' has candidates upload their resume, self-assess on 3 sliding scales, and indicate a couple of target industries. Based on that, UpScored 'matches' you to 25 jobs and includes the level of match for each. It seems to have some reiterative learning built in, asking candidates to 'upscore' the matches based on relevance. This last feature seems to me to hold the most promise - a candidate can sometimes be the best judge of whether a good match was made or not. I'll be curious to see how this develops.
  • TheOutboundNothing fancy, just a straight ahead job board focused on positions in the outdoor industry. Why include it here? Because this niche is somewhat underserved - there are a few long term sites (JobMonkey, CoolWorks), but it's still a relatively underserved niche. And yes, the site is well done, too!
  • EmployUsIt's a referral site, asking you to change your friend's life by referring them - and picking up some cash for yourself. The mobile-focused service claims that 1 in 6 applicants are hired.
  • Scoutible: Scoutible is a hiring tool that using games to determine what a candidate is good at - then matches them to the right job. How does it work? Not sure - every link led to a 'submit your email' box. I did...but no response. Oh well.

Well, that's it for now. There are plenty more waiting in my folder - but they'll have to wait until next time!

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Comment by Daniel Mccartney on July 11, 2016 at 3:11am

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