Recruitment Hierarchy For Hiring The Perfect Candidate

Hiring today is not just an interview with the boss, It is a complete procedure with multiple steps. The reason why the hiring procedure has evolved from a one-step thing to having many different tiers is that a simple interview with generic questions does not tell you much about the interviewee. The interviewer cannot judge whether a person qualifies for a job after a single meeting and hires someone who is either not competent enough for the job or does not match the job requirements. To ensure that the best candidate is hired for the job. Here is the hierarchy that is followed today in order to hire the best of candidates.

Step #1

Identify The Qualities You Want In Your Employee

When the need arises you need to identify the things you are searching for in the employee you hope to hire. Take a pen and rough paper and jot down all the points that come to your mind. This will help you visualize the perfect candidate. The qualities that you set must be in accordance with the nature of the job. This list can work as a checklist for you when you sit in the interview with the candidate.

Step #2

Write The Job Description

To get the perfect employee you must first perfectly describe the job perfectly. Look at all the aspects of the job and design a short job description that will inform the possible candidates with the requirements that you have. If you clarify what you want from the start you will only get the job applications of the people who qualify for the position and are interested in working in the set dimensions.

How To Write A Job Description:

Start the description with a power-packed line that instantly grabs the attention of the reader. Start it specifying the job title that you are looking to fill. Once you have grabbed the attention of your audience with the title you can introduce your company. Then later add all the details of the job that you have specified. You can also talk about how it is a great opportunity for the candidates to work with your company.

Step #3

Advertise The Job In The Right Place

Preaching to the wrong crowd is never going to find the perfect candidate. Like a good salesman, you should be aware of who your audience is. Look up different platforms that can help you connect with the right people. There are many platforms where you can publish your job advert such as newspapers, social media handles and even on the actual website of the company. This will help you target a large pool of audience and get the attention you want. Advertising at the right place is very crucial but advertising in the proper manner is even more crucial. Your advert should be very clear in terms of:

  • Requirements

Your advertisement should be crystal clear of the requirements you have set for the job. If the requirements are clearly mentioned you will not only be saving your time not entertaining people who don’t fit the requirements but also save the time of the people who wish to apply.


  • Contact Details

The most important thing is to mention contact details. How will the audience know where to contact the company? If you miss out on the contact details then your advertisement will be of no use. To be on a safer side it is best to include more than one ways of contact. You can add an email address, a landline number along with a personal contact number of the person you have allotted the responsibility of corresponding with the candidates. You can skip out on the address if you want as it can be a little unsafe to give out the address just yet.


  • Documents Needed

There is a set of documents that are needed for you to be able to join a company and start working. You need to be responsible enough to mention a list of documents that are a pre-requisite for every person that walks in the door for the interview. It would be a hassle for the candidate to produce the documents at the very last moment.


  • Application Process

If you expect people to apply for the job you will have to tell them the method through which they can actually apply. In the advertisement mention clearly how you want the candidates to approach you. For example, if you want them to come to the office directly for the interview then mention in the advertisement that it is a walk-in-interview.

Step #4

Sift And Sort

You will receive many resumes but not all of them will be appropriate for the position you are thinking to fill. That’s when you have to sort out all the ones that are useful and all the ones that are not. It is foolish to entertain people that are of no use to you. Don’t waste their time and yours by calling them in for an interview and then later rejecting them. Gather all the resumes and divide them into pools of call worthy and not. Only call those who you think will be a good match for your company.

Step #5

Conduct The Interview

Coming to the interview, once you call in the candidate you have to conduct the interview. The interview that you design should be very comprehensive. If you ask generic questions you will not be able to get too much about the person you are interviewing. You need to ask the right questions so that you can judge the competency of the candidate. Ideally, your interview should include questions from the grounds of personal life, professional experiences, likes, dislikes along with some psychometric questions that will help you get the insight to the candidate’s brain and thought process.

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