Recruitment Training- 2 Areas Recruitment Business Owners Must Invest In

Recruitment training comes in all shapes and sizes depending on the stage of development of your own recruitment agency. If you are a sole owner working out of your back bedroom or an entrepreneurial recruitment business owner who wants offices across the globe, investing in your own development is vital.

As a business owner it can be a lonely life, especially as your business starts to grow rapidly. No matter how good you are or how many hours you can go without sleep you still need support.

One of the most cost effective ways to get support is by investing in your own development with the help of an executive coach and the services they can deliver. This can range for one on one coaching to higher level peer to peer organized mastermind groups. Want to know how it all works?

1. One to One Coaching

Coaching as a business owner works. It is not just in the field of sport where this type of ‘training’ intervention is effective. The recent summer of sport in the UK demonstrated that coaching in different areas is important to deliver a result. Many athletes openly admitted that they had coaches who worked on their mindset. Helping them prepare mentally for the results they wanted to create

If you are still in any doubt just spend a few hours browsing around a book store or surf on Google and you will see success story after success story. It is common knowledge that the likes of the billionaire Oprah has a coach. Why? Because it works. Over the past 30 years significant study has taken place that explores the neuroscience based approach to successful coaching and how it can help us create new and more supportive habits. This can range from gaining confidence through to the ability to pick up a phone and make calls to potential clients, joyfully. Yes that really is possible.

Generally a coach will work with you over a number of organised sessions. These will focus around what results you want to achieve. That might be, how to be focused, how to manage a team of poorly performing recruiters, through to avoiding procrastination.

2. Peer to Peer Mastermind and Coaching Groups

This is something that is just starting to make an impact in the recruitment training field. It focus’s around the power of the group. Have you ever had that experience of being at an event where someone asks a question that gives you the exact answer you needed? That is an example of the power of a group.

The Mastermind concept has been around for many years and is based on the theory that 2 or 3
minds are often much better than one. Napoleon Hill wrote the classic book Think and Grow Rich many years ago. This revealed the key strategies that successful millionaires used. The mastermind group was one of them. In fact a number of years ago a worldwide phenomenon was born through an idea in a mastermind group. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield were in such a group where the idea of the Chicken Soup for The Soul books was born. An idea that someone gave that resulted in the creation of a multimillion pound empire.

Imagine being in a group of business owners who could help you develop an idea and give support, encouragement and the occasional shove along the way! To success.

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