Recruitment Training 3 NLP Techniques That Will Send Billings Ballistic

When it comes to recruitment training for ambitious recruitment business owners, it generally spells one thing. Get my recruitment consultants billing more and consistently! The ultimate goal for any business is to increase revenue and profit. One sure fire way is to bill more. So what needs to happen for your consultants to send their billings through the roof? It comes down to a much used term and that is closing the sale. Before that can happen a few things need to have taken place first. Usually around the ability to set a realistic goal or target and a route to achieve it. Add into this ethical and elegant influencing skill and you will be on the home run. One way to do this is to utilise NLP.  NLP is a great model that can show us exactly how to do this. The even better news is that it is based on the results others have achieved. NLP is the abbreviation for Neurolingustic programming. In lay man’s terms this means how the mind and body all work together to achieve exceptional results. So here are three key NLP techniques that when you use them will increase your results.

1. Start with the end in mind

So often consultants can take action on something without thinking about exactly what they want to happen. A great technique is to set a well formed outcome. This is where we start with the end in mind and then work our way through exactly what is going to happen, how we will feel and what the desired result is that we want. Remember this is what successful people do and their exact process has been studied.

2. Rapport

So now we have our well-formed outcome what next? Rapport my friend. This is one of the most powerful parts of NLP, especially if you are in the influencing professions, which of course as recruiters we are. In one famous book on selling there is a quotation that states that 85% of successful sales come through the ability to establish rapport. Now in this context we are not talking about the fact that you both like football or rugby. We are focused on something deeper and powerful. That is an unconscious connection that you make with someone. The amazing thing is that you can be in rapport with almost anyone, if you follow the process. An easy way to do this is through body language and voice. It is easy to learn fast and will bring results.

3. Language

Language is powerful at any level from the words we say to ourselves to the voice pitch and tone we talk in. Words do influence. When you are considering recruitment training for your team think of this. One of the ways to use this to your advantage is to identify language preferences that people use and then use similar words and phrases. The guys who developed NLP were called Bandler and Grinder. Something they noticed is that as humans we have three main preferences in the language we use. We are visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic. In reality we are a mixture of all three. You can spot this easily. The visual people will use words like; “See what I mean”, “Show me how that works”, if we are auditory we might say, “Sounds logical”, “I hear what you are saying”. The kinaesthetic people might say; “I feel that this is not the best thing to do”. You get the picture! Matching language like this is powerful and builds an unconscious connection with people. Have a go and see.

So there you have just three things that you can help your recruitment consultants embrace that will skyrocket their billings.

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