SkillStorm's Tech Tuesday: Pinterest, iPad 3, and Wikileaks

Sources: PCWorld, CNET

Here it is, just as we predicted! Pinterest is feeling the heat of copyright infringement. The site allows users to pin images from across the Internet and, until now, requires no permission from those sites (although Pinterest does have a rather shaky condition for users that places onus on them for copyright infringement). Now sites can opt out of Pinterest by adding code to their site provided by Pinterest and also remove content from the site by contacting Pinterest directly.

But is it a good move to stop people from spreading your product across the Internet? A rival site (although really based more in fashion), Polyvore does not allow people to pin items from sites such as handmade superstore Etsy, but this is only to the detriment of those selling on Etsy (and to Polyvore itself). The block has allowed Pinterest to swoop in and steal the market. My prediction is that those stores that block pins will see a huge loss and possibly suffer more copyright infringement as bloggers and artists alike copy products and art that will then appear and spread across Pinterest.

iPad 3

Source: CNET

Following the release of the leaked (alleged) iPad 3 photos (What? You didn’t read last week’s post?), there appears to be further proof that Apple is preparing for the latest model. Best Buy has cut $50 off the price of the iPad2. The iPad 3 is slated to arrive in stores in early March.


Wikileaks is back
Sources: Stratfor, CNN

Wikileaks has started disclosing emails from Stratfor, “a subscription-based provider of geopolitical analysis.”Wikileaks claims to have 5 million emails from which it will continue to release information. Already leaked is a document that lays out the definitions of certain terms used by government and law enforcement as well as several other analyses of global leaders and situations.

Wikileaks previously released military and US government documents that may have appeared interesting to readers, but how many people are endangered by this leak of information? If you had a choice, would you want classified documents to remain classified or do you believe we, the people, have a right to this information?

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