The growth of a firm is a very essential factor that determines its success. The main factor that influences this success is the capacity and quality of the people hired and who work go give back time the firm. Every year newly killed people emerge and it is the company's duty to regulate tilts work force and update it such that success and quality of service is ensured. With the large rate of career opportunities it is up to us to choose the right man power and hire them.  India  is a place where a large amount of people flock for more career opportunities so it has to be managed efficiently. Hence this led to a revolution of recruitment firms  coming up.The previously existing procedure of manual hiring by a company HR a for corporations and corporate companies have found that the recruiting process posed a significant cost to their staffing needs and work out to be very expensive and at the worst case inefficient as well. This mechanism of recruitment firms are comparatively only a recent ideology that emerged up in the business industry and is almost  only about a few years old as per certain research and fervent findings. The work that's done by these recruitment firms can be termed as a partnership
between a company with recruiting needs and a company with recruiting services in which the client's brand is being promoted instead of the provider's. Recruitment firm on the other hand, however has evolved to be much more than just an mundane recruitment process to a third party through a middle man. These recruitment firms play a major role in making or breaking of the client's company. Recruitment firms provide  services that are not literally outsourcing in the traditional sense and outsources only the recruitment part of the entire business. Recruitment providers can manage the
entire recruiting/hiring process, or can manage one or two aspects of the process, essentially serving as an extension of the company’s human resources department. A company's choice of going in for a recruitment for  it is much more effective, consultative and customizable than normal recruiting as there is an entire team which is their job, that defines them or an entire organization that on it and . Hence recruitment firms play a major role if faster hiring process.

Here Are the Reasons Why?

Slow hiring processes degrade the growth of the company. If the current employees are not updated then they will fail to meet the requirements of the current trend of the company and there will be a lag in mapping of talent to tasks and the company will fall short of skilled employees to meet its requirements. This is a very unfortunate situation as this directly impacts the companies growth and eventually, in the course of time damages the company. Hence recruitment firms play a major role in precautionary and preventive measures. There are various placement services offered by recruitment firms. There are various placement services and solutions provided by the recruitment firms including their hiring service and placement outsourcing that are discussed to throw light upon these topics and provide an suitable insight for you to decide
upon later. 

The placement services offered by the recruitment firms will take on a client’s entire recruiting function, in a customized and effective manner and make sure that the skilled labor is apt for the . In most cases, they provide to offer specific services that are appropriately designed to improve what the client wants to do for recruiting, or work with a company’s recruiters to do more and to do better. Some of the placement services of a recruitment firm that are done for a client includes candidate research which sees which candidates and check off all the criteria and be eligible for the job and hence increase the companies economy. It also performs compliance tracking and also other measures of precautionary safety and security measures to check the authentication of the candidate and make sure he or she is free of any backlogs or black marks.

Hiring manager training is also done such that managing recruitment services can be made easier and efficient and more time can be saved in selecting the right people and more people can be trained to picked skilled people it can be termed as skill for skill. Reporting and audits are also frequently performed to these records get easier to be maintained by the company and increasing the growth rate of the firms. Process Mapping is done so that the client can have a clear understanding of how the process is done in a systematic way. Technology Consulting is done in order to recruit candidates with technical skills as per the client requirement. These recruitment firms ultimately aim at improving upon recruiting processes and recruiting results. The whole process facilitates clients and make them choose the placement service providers of the recruitment agencies such that they can be accountable and to hire the right talent for the company and make sure faster hiring process is ensured and no damage for the company is created just because of the rate of hiring.

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